The Shrine of Baba Wali in Hazrat – Afghanistan

The Shrine of Baba Wali is one of the premier tourist destinations in Kandahar, Afghanistan. If you are in the city, this temple is not to be missed. This shrine is dedicated to Baba Wali Kandhar, a sufi.


The shrine is located at the northernmost part of Kandahar. It is in a village bearing the name of the sufi. You have to climb a hill to reach the shrine.

What to See

The complex is surrounded by pomegranate groves. It is right by the Arghandab River. The columns are ornately decorated. The domes of the shrine are blue. There are five of them, with the one in the center the largest. A series of steps will lead you into the shrine. Due to its location, the shrine has become a popular destination for tourists.

Apart from the structure, the location is well loved by people because it is suitable for picnics. The setting of the Shrine of Baba Wali commands a fantastic view of the Arghandab Valley. While the rest of the area has a very simple appearance, the views here are spectacular.


Kandahar was established in 1747 by Ahmed Shah Durrani. Today, the city is the second biggest in the country. The shrine is one of the best known attractions here. But the area is actually very rich in history. It was here that Alexander the Great established the Alexandria of Arachosia. The succeeding years saw the Moghuls and Saffavids clash over it repeatedly.

Under Mir Wais and then Shah Durrani, the territory of the Afghans would expand greatly. The city wold go on to become the capital of the province. Today it has a population of around 250,000. It is a bustling city. It is known for its tobacco, dried fruits and cotton. The city also has its own airport.


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Other Info

Part of what makes the shrine outstanding is the marble used for the shrine. When you visit the site, you will probably see some people gathering for a picnic. You will be able to buy fruit juices, ice cream and kebabs.

The Shrine of Baba Wali is also a religious center. Devotees from Gurdwara go to the place to pay homage to the sufi.