The Terrain of Kimberley – Australia

The Kimberley in Australia is one of the most splendid wilderness regions in the world. It is known for its varied wildlife and unspoiled natural scenery.

Location and How to Get to This Specific Site

The site occupies the northernmost part of Western Australia. The nearest towns are Broome, Camballin, Derby Kununurra and Wyndham. Kununurra and Broome have flights to the area daily. Derby also flies there weekly. The most easily accessible spot is Broome.

If driving from the eastern side, it is 900 km away. The route is Darwin to Kununurra by way of Road 1. You can also take the Greyhound buses going to Darwin from Perth. These will stop at Kununurra, Derby and Broome. The best option is the plane since driving takes too long.

What to See There

The Cable Beach in Broome is famous for its sunsets. You can enjoy it while riding on a camel. Around the place are many historic sites. You may also want to drop by the shops selling the city’s famous pearls.

Not far off is the wilderness of Kimberley in Australia. Go near a water source and you will see thousands of wild birds. There are different kinds of flora around. The region

is also known for its freshwater crocodiles. Purnululu, Mitchell Falls and the Gibb River Road gorges are other attractions.


Aside from the varied landscape, the region’s weather history is worth looking into as well. The dry season is from May – October. The wet season is from November – April. It is best to visit during the dry season. Temperatures will be around 30 degrees Celsius. August provides the best temperate weather. It’s also the ideal time to go fishing.


This will depend which parts of the region you will visit. The average tour price will range from $125 to over $400. If you are going deep into the wilderness, consider renting a 4WD. The cost will also depend on the duration of the journey.

Other Info

Try diving at Rowley Shoals. This is 300 km to sea at Broome. It isn’t too frequented by tourists, so you can pretty much have the place to yourself. You can also relax in some of the bars near the towns mentioned earlier.

If you are going to the outback in Kimberley in Australia, bring plenty of food and water. It can get quite hot. When travelling, keep yourself safe and have a first-aid kit with you.