The Trevi Fountain in Rome – Italy

The Trevi Fountain in Rome – Italy is the most popular fountain in the city and well over the entire country. It has been featured in several films, has been mentioned in books and articles countless of times and has also been the subject of many a person’s wishes coming true.


The Trevi Fountain in Rome – Italy is located in Piazza di Trevi within the Modern Center section of the city.

Getting There

The Trevi Fountain in Rome – Italy can be easily reached via the Metro or by bus. If you will be using the Metro, take Line A and then alight at Piazza Barberini. From here, you can walk to the fountain as it is very close by. If you will be using the bus, take bus number 175 at the Termini Station. Taxis can be taken too, but there are a good number of illegal taxis in Rome so your best bet is to choose between the Metro and the bus.

What to See and Do

Tourists visiting the Trevi Fountain in Rome – Italy, even prior to admiring its beautiful Baroque architectural design, are quick to toss a coin into the fountain and make a wish. Everyday, the fountain welcomes hundreds of visitors so it’s not unusual to see huge crowds gathered around the famous fountain every single day; especially during the holidays and over summer. The central character in the fountain’s sculptures is Neptune, Roman god of water and the sea. Below him are two horses, one listless and the other tame. The horses represent the changing moods of the waters of the sea. On either side of Neptune are two statues, one representing salubrity or good health and the other, abundance.

Brief History

Legend has it that tossing two coins into the fountain will bring you good fortune in terms of finding a partner and marriage; three will bring about a break-up or separation. One coin ensures you that you will someday go back to Rome. One has to toss the coin with the right hand over the left shoulder to ensure that these wishes come true. Construction of the fountain was undertaken by Pope Clement XII in the year 1732. The design was based on a previous design made by Bernini. The fountain was finished in the year 1762.


There is no cost to visit the Trevi Fountain in Rome – Italy. If you wish to stay in hotels close to this famous tourist spot in the city, accommodations range from US$ 77 per room, per night up to US$ 169 for mid-range rooms. More exclusive rooms start at US$ 172 and can go all the way up to US$ 376 per room, per night.

Other Information

The Trevi Fountain in Rome – Italy gets about US$ 3,500 per day. The money goes into a supermarket established for the poor citizens of the city.