The Turkish Riviera – Turkey

If you are into feeding your eyes with rich architectures, wonderfully built structures, and just about any kind of picturesque view, taking the trip to the Turkish Riviera in Turkey is pretty much a nice option.

Location and How to Get There

The Turkish Riviera or the Turquoise Coast is an area encompassing Antalya, Mugla, Aydin, and Mersin. It is quite a popular destination for foreign and local tourists alike as it offers over a thousand kilometers of shoreline with many interesting natural and archaeological points. But tourists mostly retreat to the part of Antalya where Ottoman-style houses, historical structures, and beaches and mountains can be found.

To get to The Turkish Riviera in the point of Antalya, you can take a cheap flight from anywhere in Turkey. You may also take a bus if you prefer a road trip to a plane ride.

What to See There

The main activity that you will surely love to immerse to is sightseeing. Taking long walks through every point of interest will keep you busy during your stay at The Turkish Riviera.

You can just hang out while marveling at the beauty of ancient cities, mausolea, tombs, harbors, coves, and beaches. If you are a bit adventurous, you may also take a trip to the lush forest and be amazed at the sight of abundant species that await you.

There are also volcanic mountains to explore, which have been the inspiration for the myth of Chimera also known as the fire breathing monster that was murdered by Bellerophon.


There is so much history behind every structure, every sight at The Turkish Riviera. Every thing signifies the kind of community and settlement that thrived at the significant coastline from years before. Old towns continue to reflect the old way of life. It helps that some of the old structures have remained standing. That makes it easier to trace back history.


Exploring The Turkish Riviera means a lot of things – a trip to the beaches, coves, tombs, old towns, and forests. While there is no specific charge for taking the trip at The Turkish Riviera alone, you will have to expend some money for your choices of activities and the kind of adventure you may want to have. Be ready to spend for food because a trip to the pubs and restaurants is a must. Also prepare some cash for your accommodations, as an adventure such as this should not be rushed.

Other Info

The most interesting town to go to when in the Antalya part of The Turkish Riviera is Kaleici.