The Wadi Rum Desert – Jordan

A Wadi Rum Desert tour will definitely make your stay in Jordan enjoyable. Simply put, it is one of the most spectacular sites in the country.


This desert valley is situated in southern Jordan. It is a detour off the Desert Highway between Aqaba and Amman. You can get there by taxi or bus from Petra, Amman or Aqaba. When you see the side road, that will take you to the site entry point.

What to See

One of the main attractions here is Lawrence’s house and the many stories told about it. There is also Lawrence’s Spring a couple of kilometers to the southwest of Rum village. The vista here is splendid. A Wadi Rum Desert tour will not be complete without visiting the Nabataean Temple and the Kufic rock art around it.

Other noteworthy spots are the Anfashieh Inscriptions, the Burdah Rock Bridge and the Umm Fruth Rock Bridge. This is particularly popular with tourists as it is easy to cross. For many, the best attraction here is the desert. The finest way to see the place is by a 4WD or by camel.


Due to the environment, the valley is inhospitable to life and has remained isolated. The only people living in the area are the Bedouin nomads. In spite of the passage of time, the area has seen no geuine infrastructure being built. This has helped the site retain its natural setting.

T.E. Lawrence spent considerable time in this area during the uprising against the Ottoman Empire. This took place around 1914-18. Those who have seen the movie Lawrence of Arabia will no doubt be familiar with the setting. However, the valley is actually mostly made up of granite mountains and cliffs.


If you are flying in to Jordan from abroad, the cost will be around 1500 USD. This will not include the costs of staying at a hotel. If coming from Petra, the taxis will cost 25 JD. The fare is about the same if coming from Aqaba.

Other Info

One of the most popular attractions here are the Red Sand Dunes. At numerous points across the desert, you will see the white and red dunes joining up. Do not forget to visit the Seven Pillars of Wisdom, one of the most formidable rock formations in the valley.

A Wadi Rum Desert tour will also likely include a look at the Jebel Khaz’ali. This canyon is filled with carvings of animals and people.