The White Spring – Albania

The White Spring – Albania can be described as heavensent because of its powers to heal and cure. Located between two famous mountains, the Kunora and the Didha mountain, it is such a beautiful sight to behold.

How to Get There

Going to this country would be most suitable by plane. After the ride, you may hail a taxi to take you where you want to go. The various fees are placed on a placard at the exit doors.

By road, you may opt for a bus ride going to Tirana from places such as Sofia, Bulgaria (which would take about 22 hours of travel), Prishtina, Kosovo (5 hours), Athens, Greece (12 hours), Tetovo, Republic of Macedonia (7 hours) or Istanbul, Turkey (20 hours of travel).

What to See

Swimming is the favored sport in the area. But you can also try engaging in other thrilling activities such as trekking to the more simple activities of having a picnic with friends and family.

Along nearby areas, you may shop for various souvenirs to bring home. Famous finds would include copper plates, flags of the country, handicrafts, woodcarvings, carpets, figurines, needlework, and more. Typically, the shops are open until late evenings.


Slowly, but surely, the proud home of Mother Theresa, is now becoming known as a suitable place where wonderful destinations for visitors can be seen and experienced. Its economy is gradually rising unlike earlier years after the World War II.

Aside from a widespread generosity and hospitality exhibited by the people of this country, what’s amusing about this is the magical charm of some of its tourist spots, particularly, the White Spring – Albania.

In fact, what really draws more and more visitors to this place is that there is a strong belief that the waters of the spring can give people, who submerged themselves in its waters, its healing powers. Yes, it is known throughout the area that the waters of the spring have curative properties for various diseases. People with kidney diseases, thyroid, urinary tract infections and other illnesses come to the White Spring – Albania in the hopes that they could wash away their diseases and gain a healthier body.


Travel to and fro, may have varying fees. By bus, this may cost you around 15 to 35 €. By boat, you may shell out around 50 to 70 €.

For a hotel stay, prices may start at around €15 for a night of restful slumber and relaxation. Hotel staff is usually well-versed in the English or Italian dialect. Most hotels can be found inside the various cities of the country.

Other Info

Getting to this country no longer requires a visa. However, there may be entry fees. If you were charged for this fee, be sure to keep the receipt since you may need to show that once you leave the place.

If you go there during the summer, be forewarned that it gets too hot, so you may need to bring protection for your skin. During the early spring and late autumn, though, expect rain showers to cool the air and leave a delicious scent.

For meals, tease your taste buds with a spoonful of their traditional dishes. You may notice that most of their meals have curd cheese, veggies, or yoghurt for added flavor.

All these and more can be found at the White Spring – Albania – a truly spectacular place that you’ll want to visit again.