Tipaza – Algeria

Tipaza in Algiers is a very interesting sightseeing spot in Algeria. It is well known for its well preserved Roman and Berber ruins. The sandy beach is also well liked by tourists. The place used to be known as Tefessedt.


The town is located at the Algerian coast. It is 70 km away from Algiers. It is 90 minutes away if you are driving.

What to See

The attractions begin the moment you drive to the site. Driving to Algiers, you will see the Mediterranean at your right and the tree covered hills at the left. There are several remains and ruins. These include graveyards, temples and churches.

The ruins of an amphitheater are also evident. Visitors to the site can also examine the ruins under the shades of trees. One of the more relaxing activities you can do is to just relax and watch the ruins along the sea coast.

There are also cemeteries in Tipaza in Algiers. They surround the basilicas. These are filled with coffins. They are composed of stone and layered with mosaics.


The modern town was established in 1857. The original site was founded by the Phoenicians. Some time later, the Roman emperor Claudius turned the area into a Roman military colony. Afterwards it became a Municipium. The Roman city was created on three hills that overlook the ocean.

Christianity was introduced early in its history. By the 3rd century, the site had become a see of a bishop. During the early 5th century, many of the residents moved to Spain as Christianity tightened its grip on the remaining population.


The entrance fee for adults is 20DA (15p). For children it is 10DA.

Other Info

You can also see some mosaic tiling under the sand. The tiling are from the structures in the complex. Majority of the houses built are on the middle hill. However, no ruins have survived. But remains of three churches have been uncovered.

These are the Basilica of St Salsa by the east hill, the Basilica Alexander along the west hill and the Great Basilica also on the west hill. The St. Salsa basilica still has its mosaic. For several years, the Great Basilica was used as a quarry, but the building plan is still visible.

Tipaza in Algiers has been inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Do not get confused if in some cases it is spelled as Tipasa; they are the same.