Tofo Beach – Mozambique

Mozambique beaches are among the country’s best-kept secrets. Pristine waters, sandy beaches and warm, sunny days make for a great beach holiday in the country.

Tofo Beach – Mozambique is fast growing to be one of the most popular beach holiday destinations for travelers from all over the world.


Tofo Beach – Mozambique is located in the province of Inhambane which is situated on the southern coast of the country.

Getting There

If you are traveling via your own car hire service, you can get to Tofo Beach from Inhambane just by driving through the main road. After about thirty kilometers or so, you will reach your beach destination.

You can also take a chapa or what is known as a “minibus taxi” from Inhambane which can take you directly to the beach. Private taxis are also available although these could be a bit more expensive than the chapa.

Once you get to Tofo Beach – Mozambique, you can pretty much just walk around since it is a relatively small area to explore.

What to See and Do

Tofo Beach – Mozambique provides an excellent site for swimming, diving and snorkeling. The waters surrounding the beach have an excellent marine life and beautiful reefs.

Small fishes of various species can be seen here but the most remarkable sea creatures that you may just get a good look at are humpback whales, whale sharks, reef sharks, rays and dolphins.

There are a number of dive operators right in Tofo Beach – Mozambique and they can provide you with snorkeling and diving equipment, transfers to the dive sites and expert guides that will take you down the waters.

Once you’ve had your fill of discovering the underwater life, you can also go surfing or simply sun bathe by the waters while sipping your favorite cool drink and perhaps even try the local rum.

About Inhambane Province

Inhambane Province was established during the tenth century. It served as a port for the Arabs around this time for slave trade.

In 1498, famed Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama explored the province and claimed the bay area for his native country. By 1534, the Portugal has established a trade post in the province.

Inhambane comes in second for the largest producer of cashews and is also known for their citrus fruit and coconuts.


Budget accommodations around Tofo Beach – Mozambique are about 240MTn up to 500MTn per person, per night while mid-range rooms generally range from 400MTn up to 900MTn.

Chapa fares are around 15MTn from Inhambane to Tofo Beach while private taxis charge about 50MTn up to 100MTn.

Other Information

Local fishermen usually go around the beach resorts selling their fresh catches of the day. These make for excellent meals if you are on a self-catering holiday.

On the other hand, there are number of good restaurants around the beach area where fresh seafood dishes are served.