Tomb of Sheikh Ahmad in Taiz City – Yemen

The tomb of Sheikh Ahmad in Taiz City is one of the biggest attractions in Yemen. To this day, the site continues to draw in tourists.


The tomb of Ahmad (or Ahmed) can be found at the Yafras city. When you get to the city, look for the mosque that bears the name of the sheikh. The tomb is right there. The city is 30 km to the west of Taiz. It is at the right side going to the Al Tirba city mosque.

What to See

The mosque where the tomb is contained is one of the most striking in appearance. Designed in the manner of Islamic religious edifices, it is elaborately designed, with colorful and intricate patterns dominating the walls. As the sun rises and sets, you will see that the light interacts with the temple colors, producing different hues.


The sheikh died in 1265. He is considered as one of the most important Sufists who has ever lived. It is true that there are many tombs in the area, but the tomb of Sheikh Ahmad in Taiz City is the most visited. Various Sufists ways were said to have been been developed by the man, including the Alwaniya method.

According to historians, the sheikh lived around 1300 AD during the reign of King Al Mansour Nour Eldin Omar Bin Au Al Rasouli. A man with social reforms in his mind, Ahmad was also deeply spiritual. He often lived with suffering people.

This enabled him to understand the hardships that people faced. He would openly criticize the rulers at the time. That is why people would come to love and revere him.


The costs of traveling to Taiz City in Yemen varies. If you are going there courtesy of a travel agent, your lodging accommodation, transportation, food and drinks will be handled by the operator. Expect to spend at least a thousand dollars.

Other Info

About 72 km from Taiz is the city of Al Turba. It is known for its stunning scenery. During the ancient times it was called Al Ma’afir. There are also many other beautiful cities around. As you go through them, you will pass through some of Yemen’s most beautiful natural surroundings.

The tomb of Sheikh Ahmad in Taiz City is just one of the many attractions in Yemen. A visit to the place will also give you a chance to relive the glorious past of this city.