Top 10 Tourist Spots in Cuba

Even with its complicated international relations, the tourist spots in Cuba continue to generate interest. Today, the tourism industry is one of the reasons why the country’s economy is staying afloat.


The resort town of Varadero is located in Matanzas, Cuba. Also known as Playa Azul, it boasts more than 20 km of white sand beaches. Apart from the beach, Varadero also has several caves and facilities for scuba diving and yachting.

Cayo Coco

Cayo Coco (Coco Key) is an island situated in the center of the country. It is well known for its luxurious resorts. Cayo Coco is part of the group of islands called the Jardines Del Rey and is one of the most popular tourist spots in Cuba.


The beaches at the northern end draw the most attention, but there are other attractions like the Centro Provincial de Arte art gallery and the Marti cinema. There are also museums and theaters in and around the area.

El Cristo de La Habana

The Statue of Christ was created in 1958 by Jilma Madera. Its design is somewhat similar to that of the Cristo Redentor in Rio. The statue is on a platform where old Havana can be seen.

The Great Theatre of Havana

The theater possesses the largest concert hall in Cuba and has been the stage for shows by the National Opera. One of the most elegant tourist spots in Cuba, it’s most widely known for the National Ballet of Cuba, which has earned worldwide recognition.

El Capitolio Nacional

This domed structure is one of the most preeminent figures in the Havana skyline. In the building is the La Estatua de la Republic, the third largest statue on the planet. It also houses the Cuban Academy of Science and the Museo Nacional de Historia Natural.

This edifice was originally built for the Senate and House of Representatives. In Cuba the place is simply known as El Capitolio.

Fortaleza San Carlos de la Cabaña

One of the more well known tourist spots in Cuba, this 18th century fortress is the biggest in the Americas. Built in 1763, the fortress used to be the HQ of Che Guevara. It is now part of a park filled with several museums.

Necropolis Cristobal Colon

Constructed in 1876, this elegant cemetery / museum contains nearly a million tombs. Its beauty is well known throughout Latin America, with several tombs decorated by famous sculptors.

Castillo de los Tres Reyes Magos del Morro

Built in 1689, this fortress is located at the opposite side of Old Havana harbor. One of the features of this fortress is the underwater archeology exhibition. There is also a turret that presents a vista of the sea and the rocks.

Castillo San Salvador de la Punta

Located at Havana bay, this 16th century defensive structure still holds several antique weapons. Today it is also surrounded by a park.

The tourist spots in Cuba are always being aggressively promoted by the country. Given their irregular foreign relations with other nations, tourism has become very important.