Top 10 Tourist Spots in Liberia

Liberia is one of the countries situated at Africa’s west coast. The rich heritage and history of the place contribute to its improving tourism sector. Travelers who are like to have a remarkable and interesting stay in the country should allot time to see the top 10 tourist spots in Liberia.

The Sapo National Park

The Sapo National Park is situated at the county of Sinoe. This is one of the relaxing places in the country because it is considered as the top national park in Liberia. The place features different animal species like the Giant Forest Hog, the African Civet, the Great Blue Turaco and the White-Necked Rockfowl. In addition to these, the other species that can be featured in the site are the bee-eaters, leopards, crocodiles as well as the kingfishers.


One of the coastal towns in the country is Buchanan. This place features one of the largest ports in the area. The town is very popular because fighting were held in the place during the Liberian Civil War. Aside from the port, people can also find iron ore mines in the town.

Firestone Plantation

The Firestone Plantation in Liberia is one of the historic places in the country. This place is very controversial because the workers at the plantation were allegedly forced to work. In addition, there are also reports regarding child labor in the plantation in the early 1900s.


Another nice site to see in the country is Monrovia. This city features numerous beaches where people can enjoy various water activities like snorkeling and swimming. Aside from the beaches, people can also visit the restaurants that offer delicious local dishes.


If you want to relax, you can enjoy the nature by visiting the City of Zwedru. The place is popular for featuring numerous tropical forests as well as the anteater creek. Different animal species are also present in the place. The city is also known for its wood products sector.


One of the historic places in the country is Harper. The city is also near to the Atlantic Ocean so tourists who will visit the place can have a nice view of the ocean. Moreover, the beaches are also visited by foreigners because they can enjoy various activities like swimming, scuba diving and surfing at the sites.


Found at the northern region of the country, Yekepa features the popular iron ore mining operation of Lamco. The highest point of the country, the Guesthouse Hill is also found at the region. To attract tourists, the mining tows was reconstructed by Arcelor Mittal.

Executive Mansion

The Executive Mansion of Liberia is found at Monrovia. The site plays home to the family of the President. At the site, people can find the rooms where the cabinet members hold their meetings. In addition, some rooms of the area feature artifacts that are important to the history of the country.

Paynesville Omega Transmitter

The Paynesville Omega Transmitter in Liberia is one of the tallest structures constructed in the country. The transmitter is very useful in transmitting radio frequencies. The transmitter was installed on top of a structure with a height of 417 meters.


The county of Nimba is another interesting site to see in Liberia. The place features numerous iron ore mines. There are also houses in the place, which were constructed in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Aside from these, people can also visit a museum that features remains from the early mines.

Liberia is one of the countries in Africa that has a rich culture and heritage. To increase our understanding on the history of the country, it is best to visit these tourist spots.