Top 10 Tourist Spots in Morocco

Morocco is one of the really fascinating places in the world. It has a selection of impressive natural wonders that include two beautiful seas and panoramic mountain ranges. The country also has a wealth of historic and architectural spectacles that demonstrate man’s genius. In no particular order, here are the ten most recommended tourist spots in Morocco.

Bab Rouah

This is a key historical tourist spot in Morocco that was constructed in the year 1197. Bab Rouah is one of the five gates that functioned as entryways to Rabat City. It may be huge in size but the gate is highly decorated with complex designs. Once inside the gate, you will be able to look into the rooms that include the gallery where the works of various Moroccan artists are displayed.


This famous tourist spot in Morocco was built about 1500 B.C. and served as a trade post of the Phoenicians at that time. The well-preserved ramparts and gates of this seaside resort is a great reminder of the colorful past of the country. Modern developments are carried out in the area but they are built to complement and blend-in with the ancient structures.

Citadel of Chellah Gardens

This beautiful tourist spot in Morocco is found in the City of Rabat where you can see lots of flowers that are expertly landscaped to show the beauty of the spring months in Morocco. The passage to Chellah Gardens is made of crafted door where Arabesque calligraphy is skillfully inscribed. Roman tombstones and ruins can be found within the premises of the gardens.

Boulaouane Kasbah

Boulaouane Kasbah is a majestic tourist spot in Morocco that was constructed in 1710 as a fortress and is located in Casablanca City. It overlooks the great Wadi Oum er-Rbia River and it has a tower of ten meters in height. Going to the top of the tower through the winding staircase is really rewarding due to the captivating scenery below. Inside the Kasbah are exquisitely detailed mosaic patterns and other precious decorations.

Mohamed V Mausoleum

This tourist spot in Morocco is considered to be both a historical and an architectural masterpiece. Three important members of the royal family of Morocco are buried here and one of them is King Mohamed V. The mausoleum took about nine years to finish due to its skillful workmanship and detailed decorations.

El Bahia Palace

El Bahia Palace is a beautifully decorated structure which is also a great illustration of the wonders of Eastern Architecture in the 19th century. This tourist spot in Morocco served as the house of the concubines of Ahmed Ibn Moussa. The palace has a total of 160 rooms that includes reception rooms, abundantly decorated private rooms, and courtyards that are full of gardens and fountains.

Mamora Forest

Mamora Forest is a tourist spot in Morocco that would easily delight nature lovers. Growing within the forest are several cork trees, wild pear trees, pine groves, and eucalyptus trees. Various species of animals and birds are making their habitation in this forest. Hiking is the most popular activity that visitors can do in the area.

Saadian Tombs

This can arguably be the oldest tourist spot in Morocco since it dates back to the 16th century. It is an important burial place for the Saadian Dynasty and about 200 members of their royalty are buried here. One of the significant historic figures who are buried here is Sultan Ahmed el Mansour who died in 1603.

Menara Gardens

A tourist spot in Morocco that is similar to an oasis located inside the busy city of Marrakech. The gardens were built during the 12th century and are full of fruit trees, palm trees, and olive trees. An artificial lake and some irrigation canals are also present. There is a pavilion that overlooks to the lake and the majestic Atlas Mountains can be seen not so far away.

Friouato Caves

This tourist spot in Morocco is the biggest recognized cave system throughout Northern Africa. Tour guides for the caves will lead visitors down to the shaft of about a hundred meters depth where access to various big chambers are found filled with amazing stalagmites, stalactites, and other rock formations.

Right by Your Door

Other than having these wonderful sites, Morocco’s short distance from Europe and the rest of the western world makes it quite convenient to visit. You can easily be enjoying their delicious cuisine and visiting the said sites without much ado.