Top 10 Tourist Spots in Samoa

Samoa is no less than a tropical wonder on the face of this planet. The country itself a mix of natural wonders that are perfect for those who love to go on nature trips hopping. You’ll be treated to some of the finest beaches you’ll ever set foot on. Here are some of the best tourist spots in Samoa.

Apia Harbor

The natural beauty of the surrounding area of the Apia Harbor makes it a popular tourist spot in Samoa. This is the one and only port of the island that serves as its entryway to the country. What attracts tourists to the harbor is the excellent view it offers during sunsets.

Robert Louis Stevenson Museum

This was the last home of this Scottish author. Since his death about a century ago, it was turned into a museum. This popular landmark and tourist spot in Samoa contains an inspiring collection of memorabilia from the said author. The grave site of the author and his wife are located up the hill in the back of the museum.

Tia Seu Ancient Mound

Among the most beautiful tourist spots in Samoa is this ancient mound that is located at the entrance of the Afu Aau Falls. It is an astonishing pyramid with the height of 12 meters making it the largest ancient edifice within Polynesia. The real reason for building the edifice is still unknown up to this day.

Auala Green Turtle Conservation

Located on the northwest coast of Savaii, this tourist spot in Samoa is the site of the largest turtle preservation in the world. Asking for the assistance of the guides from Auala village, visitors can have a good look of the green turtles at the preservation site.

Falealupo Rainforest Preserve

The rainforest is located on the west end of Savaii where lots of bird species are living freely. In this tourist spot in Samoa, there is a walkway through the forest that will enable you to have an amazing view of the scenery around. Watching the sunset at the bewitching white sand beach is relaxing enough.

Lake Lanotoo

A significant tourist spot in Samoa is Lake Lanotoo, which is really a must see. It’s a very cool and tranquil place and perfect for spending some long walks in the morning and evening. The goldfishes in the lake are the major attractions of the place. The Lanotoo National Park is part of the place where different species of plants and animals are found.

Le Pupu Pue National Park

This tourist spot in Samoa was established in 1978 and covers a land surface area of 29 square kilometers. The park provides a wonderful view of the wildlife found in the island of Samoa. This is the only tourist destination in Samoa that has no entry fees for tourists.

Palolo Deep Marine Reserve

A preferred tourist spot in Samoa that offers wide range of water activities to visitors such as swimming, diving, water rafting, and snorkeling. The reserve is home to various species of marine life and one can watch some of these species up close as they join in the water activities. A unique adventure that keeps visitors in Samoa mesmerized.

Saanapu and Sataoa Mangroves

A unique tourist spot in Samoa that is located within the Island of Upolu. These are really adjoining forests of mangroves that are all within the conservation areas of the island. You can enjoy an interesting 30-minute canoe tour within the mangrove forests and learn more of their importance in our ecosystem.


Among the most popular beaches in Samoa is Satiuatua where both water and sand along the beach are perfect for your relaxation and entertainment. This tourist spot in Samoa is great for snorkeling and swimming where you get the opportunity to be with the different underwater species.

Tropical Bliss

Samoa is nothing short of pure tropical bliss. The wonderful parks, rainforests, natural reserves and beaches are simply a delight. If you want to get out of the humdrum of urban living, then take a trip to this home of wonderful people and wonders of nature.