Top 10 Tourist Spots in Somalia

The Federal Republic of Somalia is found at the Horn of Africa and is bordered by Kenya in the southwest, Djibouti in the northwest, the Indian Ocean in the east, the Gulf of Alden in the north and Ethiopia in the west. The country is known as one of the economic centers in the early times. To know more about this place, travelers are encouraged to visit the top 10 tourist spots in Somalia.

The Bakara Market

The Bakara Market is found at Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia. The place is very popular to travelers because it features a different selection of merchandises such as clothes, food items and ornaments. The items offered at this market have low prices. The market was famous during the Somalian War.

The Shanghai Old City

The Shanghai Old City is a significant landmark in the country. Situated in Mogadishu, the place is popular for the beautiful views. In addition, it is also famous for its world-class architecture. The warlords and popular entrepreneurs in Somalia control the place.

Sinbusi Beach

Just several kilometers away from Merca, Sinbusi Beach offers a nice view to tourists who like to unwind and relax. The place features huts with kitchen amenities and a private bathroom. The activities that can be enjoyed at the beach include snorkeling, swimming and diving.

Qaytaba Cuntada

Found on top of the Barwaaqo Hotel, the Qaytaba Cuntada is the highest peak in Hargeisa. This dining place is popular because it offers a scenic view of centeral Hargeisa. The restaurant is known to serve refreshing drinks and local delicacies.

The Bazooka Bar

Buying alcoholic drinks in the country is hard. However, if you really crave for beer, there is only one place that you can visit, the Bazooka Bar. The place is situated at Beletwayne. The establishment also serves finger food and some delicious dishes.

War Memorial

One of the popular monuments in the country is the War Memorial in the City of Hargeisa. The place is found at the heart of the city. The monument features the Somali Airforce MiG Jet Fighter that was used from 1980 to 1990.

Daloh Heritage Reserve

The Daloh Heritage Reserve is found at the east of the Golis Range Forest. Some of the attractions at the site are the rivers, forests and shallow streams. The animals that can be seen at the reserve include hyenas and loins. Hiking and trekking are the activities that can be enjoyed at the reserve.

The Central Mosque

Found at the heart of Hargeisa, the Central Mosque is one of the places visited by Muslim tourists in the area. Many people from the Middle East go to the place to see the beautiful architecture of the mosque. However, tourists are reminded to arrange with tour guides when they go to the mosque.

The Independence Monument

The Independence Monument is located at the center of Hargeisa. It features a large sculpture of hand holding the country’s map. Found at the base of the sculpture is the independence date of the country.


Kismayo is one of the nice and relaxing places to visit in the country is the Kismayo. This is the port of the third biggest city in the country. It is found several kilometers away from Jubba River’s mouth. Many historic events happened at the site like the Somalian War.