Top 13 Mountain Biking Destinations

Climbing the Downieville Downhill

Photo by davduf

2. Downieville, California

Once a mining town during the era of the Gold Rush, Downieville has become a hub for outdoor recreation. The area has the ideal terrain conducive to mountain biking, with numerous trails and locals businesses that support the support, including holding annual mountain biking events.

Downieville Downhill

One of the most popular treks, Downieville Downhill lives up to its name! The trail is 17 miles with a 5,000 ft. vertical drop that will get your heart racing.

Pauley Creek

A varied trail that crisscrosses various other trails along the way, giving it a diversity of trail types and difficulties.

Butcher Ranch

Part of Downieville Downhill, Butcher Ranch can be ridden separately. The trail is often considered the most thrilling and best part of the Downhill trails due to its drops and surprising features.

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