Top 15 Places in Europe For Honeymoon Couples


Photo by Michela Simoncini

2. Innsbruck: The Hills Are Alive

The hills are alive with the sound of music. If Julie Andrews’ spectacular performance wasn’t enough, there’s something about the Austrian Alps that makes the heart soar, making the best of dreams seem within your grasp.

A honeymoon to the Austrian village of Innsbruck might seem quaint, but after a few afternoons spent skiing on the powder-soft slopes and then retiring to one of the whimsical Innsbruck lodgings legendary for their Tyrolean hospitality, you’ll wish you could stay forever.

The perfect Austrian vacation for couples seeking romance and solitude, Innsbruck offers the spectacular Alpine vistas in a world that seems untouched by the hustle and bustle that defines larger cities like Vienna or Salzburg. Of course, a short train ride will easily afford you the opportunities to visit other European destinations including Zurich, Verona, and Munich.

Travel a bit further and spend some time in Vienna; just make sure not to miss all that Innsbruck has to offer. Medieval castles and the village along the Inn River are perfect for newlyweds who are more interested in enjoying a quiet, tender time to spend together than a wild nightlife or the distractions of the big city.

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