Top 15 Places in Europe For Honeymoon Couples

Paris night

Photo by Javier Vieras

3. Paris: The City of Amour

Ask anyone who’s discovered the wooing power of a few well-chosen French phrases, and you’ll soon find that the French have cornered the market on romance right down to the oh-so-haute French tongue – language, that is.

In Paris, newlyweds find a world where kissing on the street is chic. Tour guides are even trained to show the happy husband and wife the perfect kissing spots in the city. In the elegant – yet exorbitant – hotels throughout the city, sparkling chandeliers and attentive staff leave no doubt that romance is in the air, down to the last detail.

In the city, trademark attractions like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre compete for the attention of the starry-eyed newlyweds, and a stroll through the twinkling streets of Paris after dark will stay with you till death do you part.

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