Touring the Historic Coral Coast – Fiji

Touring the historic Coral Coast in Fiji is one of the most popular activities for tourists and visitors to the country. The coast is well known for its beaches, but there are many other attractions nearby.


The coast is divided into two parts. The part between Korotogo and Nadi is perpetually bright. Between the Pacific Harbour and Korotogo are rainforest hills. The terrains is rugged and there is afternoon rain.

What to See

The Sigatoka Sandunes have numerous ancient settlements. There are also different kinds of Lapita pottery along the way. Inland from Sigatoka is Tavuni Hill Fort. This fort was used in the Fijian wars around the 1800s. This area is well known for its fantastic vistas of the Sigatoka River Valley. Many stone mounds can also be seen when touring the historic Coral Coast in Fiji.

From Tavuni, the visitor will see a traditional village with thatch homes. The village people are known for their pottery making and
cooking skills.

Natadola Beach is admired for its exquisite white sands. The waves are ideal for surfing. There is now a resort nearby as well as an 18 hole championship golf course.

The Korotogo Beach Strip has several motels. The Outrigger Hotel is by the coast as well. From Korotogo, the view changes into a rainforest. The climate changes from sunny to more tropical. Fishing villages proliferate by the highway. There are also resorts nearby.


The country gained independence in 1970 following almost a hundred years of British rule. The island was a democracy but was interrupted by coup attempts in 1987. In 1997, a new constitution was adopted to make the country more hospitable for the Indian community and the native inhabitants.


The historical sites by the coast have entrance fees ranging from $10 to F$12.

Taking the bus from Colo-i-Suva to Suva will cost F$1-2. If coming from Nadi going to Suva, the fare is F$17 for share taxis. From the Suva airport heading to Sigatoka it is F$80 by private taxi.

Other Info

The Vuda Historical Site is a 20 minute drive north of the airport at Nadi. This site is worth visiting as it is where the first Fijian village was set. Remains of the village are still visible today.

As you go touring the historic Coral Coast in Fiji, do not forget to check out the Sonaisali Island Resort. The view from the ocean is spectacular.