Tourist Spots in Australia

Great Barrier Reef

Considered as the world’s largest coral reef, the Great Barrier Reef is found in the northeast part of Australia, specifically off the Queensland’s coast in the Coral Sea. Scuba divers can have an enjoyable and memorable time in this place because it plays home to at least 2,900 reefs. Thousands of marine animals can be seen in the reef such as the dwarf minke whale, the flatback turtle and the Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphin.

The Terrain of Kimberley

One of the top 10 tourist spots in Australia, the terrain of Kimberley is situated in the northern part of Western Australia. It is very popular for featuring numerous sightseeing spots like red cliffs and waterfalls. Some of the interesting places that tourists can see in this place are the Mitchell Falls and the George Falls. Aside from these, they can spend time at the Purnululu National Park.

Port Jackson

Also known as the Sydney Harbor, the Port Jackson is the Pacific Ocean’s inlet and its mouth is found in New South Wales. The place is famous for holding special events like the Sydney to Horbart yacht race and the New Year’s Eve Fireworks. The harbor is also near to other tourist destinations in the country like the Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Sydney Opera House.

Mount Kosciuszko

The Mount Kosciuszko is the country’s highest mountain, which is 2,228 meters high above sea level. The mountain is found in the coolest and highest Australian mountain range known as the Snow Mountains. Travelers can enjoy various activities in the place like skiing and walking.

Cradle Mountain

Situated in Tasmania, the Cradle Mountain has a height of 1,545 meters. Dolerite columns compose the pristine mountain. Some of the beautiful spots near the place are the Crater Lake, the Dove Lake as well as the Lake Wilks. In addition, travelers can also enjoy relaxing activities in the Saint Claire National Park.

Chapel Street

If you are into shopping, then one of the top 10 tourist spots in Australia that you can visit is the Chapel Street. The place is found in Melbourne, which plays home to several popular shopping malls. Aside from retail stores like the Pells Surplus stores and the Teds Shop, visitors can also enjoy other attractive spots along the street. These include the Astor Theater, the Chapel off Chapel Theater and the Heritage Victoria.

The Islands of Whitsunday

The islands of Whitsunday are found in Queensland and is near to the popular Early Beach town. Some of the islands that can be seen in the area are the Border Island and the Bird Island. Accommodation in the place is not a problem since it features several five star hotels. Tourists can enjoy swimming at the area’s famous beach, the Whitehaven Beach.

Barossa Valley

Situated at the northeast of Adelaide, the Barossa Valley is considered as South Australia’s wine producing region. If you are interested in seeing wineries in the place, you can spend some time at the Basedow Wines and Beer Brothers. Additionally, you can observe the popular Vintage Festival, which features gourmet dining and street parties.

Ayers Rock

Considered as the largest monolith in the world, the Ayers Rock is located in the country’s Northern Territory. The place is popular for the Kaja Tijuta National Park. The place features rock caves, springs and waterholes.

Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is found at the eastern part of Melbourne. Along the road, tourists can find attractive spots like the Trecky surf resort. In addition, they can enjoy hiking and trekking at the Campbell National Park and the Otway National Park.