Tourist Spots in Barbados

Helicopter Tour of Barbados

This 20-minute helicopter tour around Barbados will give you the exciting feel for this wonderful island. You will be able to see the difference of geography that the island has from one coast to the other. You will behold the beautiful scenery around Barbados as you view it from above.

Andromeda Botanical Gardens

This peaceful and tranquil tourist spot in Barbados is found in Bathsheba on the eastern coast of the island. You will feel like walking in paradise as you roam along the paths full of palms, orchids, and bougainvillea. Lily ponds and gentle streams also dotted around the area. This is really a great place to ease off and be at peace with nature.

Bathsheba and Scotland District

A tourist spot in Barbados that is famous with surfers from anywhere in the world. You can watch the boldness of the surfers as they take the challenge of the so-called ‘soup bowl’ while enjoying your meal from one of the superb restaurants in the area. Don’t forget to bring your camera since the place is full of breathtaking scenery and steep roads.

Barbados Museum

An interesting tourist spot in Barbados where you got to be acquainted with the island, its rich heritage, and
cultural diversity. The seven principal galleries of the museum cover the interesting history of the island and its people.

Flower Forest

The Flower Forest is among the most beautiful tourist spots in Barbados and is found on the boundary of the Scotland District. Countless number of exotic plants and trees can be found in the forest making the place a perfect destination for picnics.

The Concorde Visitor Centre

For those visitors who are interested in the history of aviation, then this tourist spot in Barbados is perfect for them. The centre is located at Grantley Adams International Airport and it houses a Concorde aircraft. You will be allowed to get on board the Concorde and experience an unforgettable ride in it.

Kensington Oval

A historic tourist spot in Barbados that was built in 1882 and has been in use for every Cricket game in the island. It is interesting to pay a visit to Kensington Oval even if there are no games going on for that day. Cricket souvenirs and memorabilia of the West Indies are available at the gift shop located within the grounds of the oval.

Garrison Savannah

The tourist spot in Barbados that is the home of the famous Barbados Turf Club. The place was constructed by the British Army during the 17th century and horse racing is still held here. This is a great destination for a day out for the whole family.


For Polo enthusiasts, Barbados has lots of polo fields that you can go to enjoy the sports at its best. Included in the list are Water Hall, Clifton, Lion Castle, and Holders. Since 1884, the sports of Polo is continuously played in the island.

Orchid World

A tourist spot in Barbados that is located in the heart of the island where thousands of orchids are on display for your eyes to feast upon. Walking around the orchid houses and gardens is really invigorating to both body and mind.