Tourist Spots in Brazil

One of the growing sectors of Brazil is tourism. To enhance the performance of this sector, the national government promotes numerous interesting and attractive tourist destinations in the country. Featured in this article are the top 10 tourist spots in Brazil.

Itatiaia National Park

Considered as the oldest park in the country, the Itatiaia National Park in Rio de Janeiro features attractive sites like the Veu de Noiva waterfall. Many birdwatchers love to see the park because it plays home to 250 bird species. Guests at the park can enjoy various activities like hiking, climbing and trekking.

Pico das Agulhas Negras

Pico das Agulhas Negras in the Brazilian Highlands is the country’s highest mountain. With the height of 2,791 meters, the place provides a refreshing view of the Itatiaia National Park. One of the nice sites to see at the mountain is the Abrigo Reboucas shelter. Rock climbing and hiking are some of the activities that tourist scan enjoy when they visit this spot.

Lagoa do Taquaral Park

Situated at the City of Campinas in Sao Paulo, the Lagoa do Taquaral Park is a beautiful and attractive urban lagoon. The place features a science museum, a planetarium, a swimming pool and a sports stadium. In addition to these, tourists can also find model airplane and kart racing areas at the park.

Fernando de Noronha

One of the attractive sites in Pernambuco, Fernando de Noronha features a beautiful and pristine beach. At the beach, people can enjoy different water sports like surfing, diving and snorkeling. There are also resorts nearby where tourists can spend a memorable vacation.

Lencois Maranheses National Park

Another captivating tourist destination in the country is the Lencois Maranhenses National Park in Maranhao. The site is very popular for featuring large dunes. At some parts of the park, people can find lagoons with different fish species. Fishing is one of the activities that people can do at the place.

Porto de Galinhas

Tourists who like to enjoy swimming should take time to visit Porto de Galinhas at Pernambuco. The place is popular for having natural pools and beautiful beaches. At the beach, tourists can find numerous resorts and hotels that offer high quality service to guests.

New Jerusalem Theater

Established in 1968, the New Jerusalem Theater is situated at the Fazenda Nova district in Brejo de Madre de Deus City. Inside the theater, guests can find interesting structures including the Roman Forum as well as the Statue of Pinio Pacheco.

Rio Guapore

A calm river at the western part of Brazil, Rio Guapore has a length of 950 miles and a basin discharge of 102,880 square miles. The tributaries to the river include the Machupo River, the Massaco River and the Corumbiara River. The elevation of the site is 430 feet.

Serra Geral

A popular mountain range in the country, the Serra Geral is located in the southern area of Brazil. Some of the relaxing views that tourists can see at this tourist spot are bays, lagoons and rivers. This tourist destination also features the Aparados de Serra National Park.

Ouro Preto

One of the historic towns in Brazil, Ouro Preto is a UNESCO World Heritage Site situated at Serra de Espinhaco mountains. At the town, people can find several interesting spots such as the Church of Saint Francis of Assissi and the Mineralogy Museum.

With these attractions, travelers can have a notable vacation in Brazil. To learn more about the heritage and history of the country, it is best to see the other tourist destinations like the Ubajara National Park and the Chapada Diamantina National Park.