Tourist Spots in Bulgaria

The tourist spots in Bulgaria are numerous, with some all time favorites and others more up and coming. The following is an overview of the sightseeing spots in the country.


Located in Sofia Province, the Borovets is one of the most popular ski resorts in the country. It lies at an altitude of 1350 m. It is a popular site for downhill skiing, night skiing and ski jumping. There are also ski schools in the area.


Located in southwestern Bulgaria, this ski resort is 925 m above sea level at the base of Pirin. The area is also known as the home of the Bansko Jazz Festival. It is also the host of the women’s races of the Alpine Skiing World Cup.


One of the more popular tourist spots in Bulgaria, this ancient town is renowned for the Apollonia art and film festival. From May to September, tourists flock to the site for its beaches and numerous resorts.

Rila Mountain Ranges

Popular among climbers, the Rila Mountain ranges are the highest in the country at 2,925 m. There are several springs around the fault areas. There are also 200 glacial lakes as well as the Rila Monastery.

The Vitosha Mountains

Just on the outside of Sofia, Vitosha is one of the most renowned tourist sites in the country. Those in Sofia often go there for skiing and hiking as it’s the nearest one. The Vitosha Mountains is in the Vitosha National Park

National Historical Museum

One of the most well-liked tourist spots in Bulgaria, it houses 660,000 objects, most of them related to archaeology. Other collections are about history and the fine arts. A souvenir shop and a library are also in the vicinity.

National Museum of Natural History

Founded in 1889, the collection includes hundreds of stuffed mammals. Over 1,200 bird species and thousands of insect types. Also included are specimens of a quarter of the planet’s minerals. Among the departments are the Amphibia and Reptilia, Recent and Fossil Mammals and Plants.

Museum of Earth and Men

This is a mineralogical museum situated right in Sofia. Covering an area of 4,000 sq m, it has laboratories, exhibition halls and a vast collection of minerals. Over 40% of the naturally occurring minerals are displayed there.

Sts. Cyril and Methodius National Library

This is the national library and is one of the frequently visited tourist spots in Bulgaria, thanks to its collection of historical documents. Among them are 11th century Slavonic scriptures, 9th century eastern texts and over 150 Persian codices. There are also Ottoman and Arabic texts kept there.

Landmarks in Sofia

The capital city of Bulgaria, it is home to numerous landmarks and places of interest. Among these are the Sofia State Library, the Instituto Cervantes, Boyana Church and the Sofia Zoo.

The Sofia Zoo was established in 1888 and occupies 230,000 sq m. There are over 1,100 animals there. The British Council and the Italian Cultural Institute are other notable places.

The tourist spots in Bulgaria mentioned here are just samplings. A visit to the country will show you even more of its hidden wonders.