Tourist Spots in Canada

The Pacific Rim National Park

The Pacific Rim National Park is situated at the west coast of Vancouver Island. Travelers can try various activities like surfing, storm watching, town hopping and whale watching. Tourists can also cruise at Hot Springs Cove. If you are into trekking and hiking, you can have a nice time at the West Coast trail.

Niagara Falls

Composed of three waterfalls, the Niagara Falls are one of the most popular and attractive falls in the world. It features the Bridal Veil Falls, the Horseshoe Falls as well as the American Falls. To have a memorable experience at the place, you can get to close to the falls by riding in the Maid of the Mist boat. Other sightseeing views in the area include the Brock Monument and the Niagara Peninsula.

The Canadian Rockies

Situated at the border of British Columbia and Alberta, the Canadian Rockies is one of the top 10 tourist spots in Canada that feature serene mountain ranges. The mountain ranges are separated by pristine valleys. Some of the attractive places that travelers can see in this spot are the Mount Robson, the Maligne Lake as well as the Moraine Lake.

Cabot Trail

Another attractive place to see in Canada is the Cabot Trail, which is found at Cape Breton in Nova Scotia. Some of the activities that tourists love to do in the area are hiking, mountain climbing, trekking and biking. Aside from these, people can enjoy whale watching and camping in the place.

Grouse Mountain

If you want to have a nice and memorable time in Canada, you can visit the popular Grouse Mountain at North Vancouver in British Columbia. Many tourists love to stay in this place because it features a mountaintop theater as well as an aerial tramway. There are various activities that people can enjoy at the mountain are ice skating, snowshoeing, skiing and snowboarding.

Baffin Island

Considered as the world’s fifth biggest island, the Baffin Island is found at the territory of Nunavut. Travelers like to visit the place because it features interesting snowmobile and dogsled exhibitions. Aside from these, people will enjoy various activities like island hopping and camping. One of the spots that tourists love to see in the island is the Sirmilk National Park.

The Prairies

The Prairies is a land area found between the Great Lake region and the Rocky Mountains. Some of the nearby places to visit are the Cypress Hills in Saskatchewan and the Winnipeg Beach Provincial Recreational Park in Manitoba. In addition to these places, tourists can also see the Lake Winnipeg.

The Old Quebec City

The old city of Quebec is found along the Saint Lawrence River in Central Canada. People can enjoy in this city because it features attractive spots like the Quebec Winter Carnival and the Montmorency Falls. To have a distinct travel experience, tourists can stay in the popular Ice-Hotel.

The Rocky Mountains

Tourists who want to have a memorable stay in the country can visit the Rocky Mountains in Alberta. The mountains play home to wildlife like moose, coyotes, mountain goats and bears. They can also relax viewing streams, rivers and valleys in this place.

The Bay of Fundy

The Bay of Fundy is a body of water that stretches from Nova Scotia to New Brunswick. Hiking and kayaking are some of the interesting activities that can be done in the place. Some of the activities that travelers can try are the Evangeline Trail and the Flower Pot Rocks.