Tourist Spots in Chile


Among the tourist spots in Chile, this one is famous for its natural hot springs located within its territory. Visitors may travel to Las Termas de Cauquenes to take a nice highly pleasurable dip. It is a great way to relax after a long trip. After the enjoyable thermal bath you can spend an afternoon picnic in Reserva Nacional Los Cipreses, a national park that caters to campers as well.

Santiago Centro

If you want to get the native colloquial feel then head off to Santiago Centro. chile 1

Believe it or not, a popular activity here would be to mingle with the locals. Which is an interestingly slightly unusual twist compared to other tourist spots in Chile. Interact with the locals as you walk around the paseos. The only thing you should be wary about is the rising number of pickpockets in the area.

Parque Metropolitano

Parque Metropolitano is a huge park in Santiago de Chile. You can get great views of both the Andes and Santiago. Ride a cable car to the summit and get a breathtaking panoramic view of the surroundings. If you are a bit of a lover of the great outdoors, then you can take one of the trails heading up the peak. You also get to visit a zoo and the local botanical garden.

Vina Del Mar

This is one of the tourist spots in Chile that magnetizes a lot of beach lovers. chile 2The coastline here is a perfect paradise for avid sun worshippers. The only drawback to the wonderful scenery is that the waters are not exactly that good for swimming. Downtown food is also great especially if you really want to sample the best of the local cuisine.


Though the place is fast becoming a ghost town the local mine is a must-see attraction in the country. Visitors will be treated to a guided tour through an underground adventure of sorts. Just don’t expect to get any souvenirs on your way out.


This is one of the tourist spots in Chile that was made famous due to the local Bohemian culture. The majestic beaches are powerful contrasts to the colorful houses lining the coastal town. It is also home to one of Chile’s famous poet by the name of Pablo Neruda.

La Serena

This is a must see place in Chile that has a lot of key attractions. Among the popular places to visit here include the local observatory and the museum that has the Rapa Nui Moai head on display.


This is one of the tourist spots in Chile that you shouldn’t miss. People go here not for great views or culinary delights. What you’ll find here instead are really cheap bargain items on sale. It’s a great place to get a souvenir of your trip to Chile. Finding locals alongside tourists haggling for cheaper prices is a common sight here.

Baquedano Street

This is the place to go if you want to travel back in time to the old-western days of Chile. The cobblestone streets look really great especially at night. This is also another great place to grab some souvenirs.

Cathedral of San Marcos

This cathedral, though old, is made famous by its designer, who is also responsible for designing the Eiffel Tower.chile 3 It’s a great treat for those who love to see artistic style architectures of the past. It’s one of the popular historic tourist spots in Chile.