Tourist Spots in Cyprus

Cyprus is an island country in Eurasia. With the presence of historic sites and natural wonders, tourism in the country is developing. Foreigners who want to travel to the country should see the top 10 tourist spots in Cyprus.

Villa of Dionysos

Situated several kilometers away from Paphos, the Villa of Dionysos promotes Greek architecture. This house is one of the finest in the Mediterranean area. Inside the place, people can find artifacts like paintings and frescoes.

Tombs of the Kings

Another impressive historic site in the country that foreigners should see is the Tombs of the Kings in Paphos. The place features architectural embellishments. Tourists can find interesting underground tombs.

Palm Tree Promenade

Palm Tree Promenade in Larnaca is one of the most attractive sites that people can see in the region. The place features standalone sculptures as well as a beautiful fountain. Water sports like swimming are the popular activities at the place.

Larnaca Medieval Museum

Found at the Larnaca Fort, the Larnaca Medieval Museum features artifacts from Kition. The place is surrounded by restaurants where people can eat after visiting the site. It is also near to souvenir shops.

Dhassoudi Beach

One of the popular beaches in the country, the Dhassoudi Beach in Limmasol is maintained and managed by the Cyprus Tourist Organization. At the beach, visitors can find different sports facilities such a tennis courts and swimming pools. In addition, there is a small museum at the beach.

Limmasol District Archaeological Museum

If you are interested in the history of Cyprus, the Limmasol District Archaeological Museum is one of the places to see. The museum features archaeological exhibits and botanic displays. Some of the items featured at the site are ancient pottery, diamond cutting and jewels.

Presidential Palace

Found in Nicosia, the Presidential Palace serves as the home of the President of Cyprus. The appearance and architecture of the site are similar with castles. The palace features a room with exhibits of the items like pictures related to the history of the country.

Agia Napa

Agia Napa in Larnaca is a fishing village features numerous attractive sites. The interesting places that people can see at the village include an impressive Medieval monastery. Aside from these, people can also see the 600-year old sycamore tree at the entrance. Another attraction at the site is the Maritime Museum.

Waterworld Water Park

The Waterworld Water Park is a very beautiful site in Ayia Napa. It is a theme park that features different attractions such as the serpentine slides, an activity pool and a lazy river. Aside from these, children can have fun at the 50 interactive play places at the park.

Troodos Village

The Troodos Village is a popular site in the country for tourists. The place is known for featuring numerous cafes, restaurants and hotels. Moreover, there are numerous souvenir shops and retail stores at the village.

Cyprus has a developing tourism sector. To experience an enjoyable and exciting visit in the place, tourists are encouraged to see these places.