Tourist Spots in Czech Republic


It is Czech Republic’s capital city as well as the center of the cultural, economical, and political aspect of the country. Found here are various galleries, museums, exhibition halls, and theatres. A tourist spot in Czech Republic that is rich of important architectural landmarks of various periods of time.

Prague Environs – Central Bohemia

A vast tourist spot in Czech Republic that expanse from the southern portion of Prague going down along the Sazava and Vltava rivers. It is an ideal place to spend your weekend where you can do lots of outdoor sports like hiking and various water sports.

Southern Bohemia

This is a tourist spot in Czech Republic that is known for its wonderful castles, lakes, and historical sights. The natural landscape of the region is almost untouched by the civilized world. Popular places to visit are the chateaux, castles, and monasteries.


The tourist spot in Czech Republic that is known as the Europe’s ‘green roof’. It is actually a wooded mountain region that has a length of 120 kilometers long. It covers the southwestern boundary of Germany, Czech Republic, and Austria and was declared as the National Park of Sumava.

Plzensko (The Pilsen Region)

Known to be the place of origin of pilsner beer where up to the present, the famous Pilsner Urquell is still made here regularly. A tourist spot in Czech Republic that shows wooded landscape, beautiful small villages, and lots of chateaux and castles to visit. This region is ideal for the recreation of your entire family.

West-Bohemian Spas

This is an ideal tourist spot in Czech Republic for the sole purpose of relaxation and regeneration. There are several kinds of mineral springs here that are curative due to the different chemical consistency of the area. The most famous spa towns in the region are Marianske Lazne, Karlovy Vary, and Frantiskoby Lazne.


The ideal tourist spot in Czech Republic during the summer and winter holidays. This is where the highest peak of the country is found – Snezka at 1,602 meters in height. The region offers ideal weather conditions for various winter activities.

Vysocina – The Czech-Moravian Highlands

Considered as the ‘green heart’ of the country, this is a tourist spot in Czech Republic that is among the least populated place. It has the cleanest surroundings in all the country. The fresh and clean atmosphere of the region has become the inspiration of lots of painters, artists, composers, sculptors, and writers. A great place to go for active recreation and relaxation.

Eastern Bohemia

A tourist spot in Czech Republic that is composed of highland ranges and charming lowlands with several numbers of manors, historic towns, and castles. The locals are very willing to share to you the knowledge about folklore and folk tradition like making handicrafts. Horse breeding in the traditional way is the major focus of the agro-tourism in the region.

Central Moravia

A tourist spot in Czech Republic that is very rich in folklore traditions as well as the presence of various churches, pilgrimage sites, monasteries, and Baroque cathedrals. This region of the country has a wide selection of architectural jewels, natural sights, and a number of spa towns. The deepest abyss of the country called as Hranicka Abyss is found here.