Tourist Spots in Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is one of the countries in the Caribbean Region. The country is known for featuring interesting and impressive sites. This article features the top 10 tourist spots in the Dominican Republic.

Altos de Chavon

Altos de Chavon in La Romana is a replica of a colonial village that existed in the area during the 16th century. The place was built under the leadership of designer Roberto Capa. The attractions at the site include an archaeological museum, shops and art galleries.

Casa de Campo

Aside from Alto de Chavon, Casa de Campo is another top tourist destination in La Romana. It is a luxurious resort complex that was constructed in 1975. The places of interest in the complex include tennis courts, a riding school, a golf course and a polo ground.

Eastern National Park

The Eastern National Park is a coastal ecosystem and a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Dominican Republic. It is one of the largest marine parks in the Caribbean region. People can find bottlenose dolphins, manatees and turtles in the park. In addition, this tourist destination plays home to 112 bird species.

Peninsula de Samana and Samana Bay

Peninsula de Samana is found near the Samana Bay. The place features attractive beaches with numerous coconut trees. The bay is famous for humpback whales that are usually seen from November to March. The other animals that can be seen at this place include birds, turtles and seals.

Puerto Plata

Located at the northern coast of the country, Puerto Plata features gingerbread settlements. Aside from these, it plays home to numerous resorts. Different activities can be tried at the place such as swimming and kayaking. The attractions at Puerto Plata include the Independence Park and the Church of San Felipe.

Punta Cana

One of the large towns in the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana is popular for featuring pristine and attractive beaches. The town plays home to hotels and resorts. Additionally, people can find an airstrip and golf courses at the place.


Sosua is one of the historic places in the country. It served as a home to 600 Jews in 1940. The place is also renowned for its well-developed dairy industry. The attractions include the synagogues constructed by early settlers.

Alcazar de Colon

Alcazar de Colon in Santo Domingo is the center of political power in the 1500s. This palace features 22 rooms. This tourist destination displays Gothic-Moorish architecture. The palace is made from indigenous rock and coral.

First Cathedral of America

Situated in Santo Domingo, the First Cathedral of America was constructed between 1514 to 1544. The design of the place features the late Renaissance and Gothic elements. One of the attractions is the main altar where the remains of Christopher Columbus were first buried.

Casa de Tostado

Casa de Tostado is one of the nice places to see at Santo Domingo. It is a historic colonial house constructed by professor and poet Francisco de Tostado de la Pena. The house features the Museum of the Dominican Family.

The Dominican Republic is an attractive country blessed with beautiful tourist destinations. To know more about this country, it is best that foreigners see the top 10 tourist spots in Dominican Republic.