Tourist Spots in El Salvador

El Salvador had a bad reputation for a while as too violent or dangerous to visit but those times are past and a growing tourism trade is proof of this fact. If you find yourself in this small but grand country, here are the top ten tourist spots in El Salvador you shouldn’t miss.

Los Chorros

This is a favorite day time tripping area for many of the locals. Los Chorros is actually a series of different natural pools that start all the way from the spring water located at the overhanging volcanic cliffs. This tourist attraction is such a refreshing delight and a dip in the pools is more than enough to prove it. You may come any day to relax in one of the pools or to simply just enjoy a picnic.

Balboa Park

This park is a nice place to simply just stretch out and relax. It features a soccer field, skating rink, picnic areas, trails, and fine samples of pre-Columbian sculptures in El Salvador. The park itself covers 70 acres of land. Taking a trip along the trails will give you a glimpse of the wildlife including animals such as rabbits and sloths. If ever you get tired you can take a break in one of the outdoor cafes in the park.

Devil’s Doorway

This tourist attraction is called Puerta del Diablo in the local vernacular. The Devil’s Doorway is situated about 1,000 meters above sea level. Here you’ll find a couple of enormous rocks on the edge of a sheer drop that frames your view of the valley down below. Puerta del Diablo is located about a kilometer south of Balboa Park.

Los Planes Lookout Point

This tourist attraction is situated east of Balboa Park. It offers one of the most beautiful scenic views in El Salvador. Visitors will be treated to a panoramic view of Ilopango Lake and San Salvador. The lookout itself is positioned at the top of a really deep gorge.

Other than the great scenic view, you’ll also be treated to great food at the cafeteria at the lookout point. To get to Los Planes Lookout Point you have to take the bus for Balboa Park heading on the road to the Indian village of Panchimalco.

National Zoo

This is considered as the most modern zoo in the whole of Central America. The animals are given homes designed to function as close to their natural habitat as possible. The National Zoo is open from 9 am to 5 pm everyday except on Mondays and Tuesdays. To get to this tourist attraction, take the bus on Cathedral west side.

Panchimalco Indian Village

This is one of the historic sites in El Salvador. There are a lot of archaeological finds in this village. According to this discovery, the place was actually quite an important location during the pre-Columbian times. Another interesting historical highlight here is an old church that dates back to 1725.

La Laguna Botanical Garden

This is a unique garden in El Salvador and perhaps the rest of the world. This botanical garden is situated within an extinct volcano’s crater. It covers an area of seven acres and has a lagoon in the center positioned at the very center of the crater. The slopes surrounding this garden naturally act as wind breakers.

David J. Gusman National Museum

If you are interested to learn about pre-Columbian life then this is a must see tourist attraction. The collection housed in this museum dates back from 1500 BC to around 1525 AD, which is quite extensive. You will have to pay a small admission fee to gain entrance.

San Salvador Volcano

This is one of the unique tourist attractions in El Salvador. The volcano itself is extinct and has trails leading directly into its crater. Hiking to the top of the volcano itself will give visitors great scenic views of the city of San Salvador.

Lago de Ilopango

This lake in El Salvador is a natural compliment to the already beautiful scenery. It’s a great place for fishing and swimming. It is also the biggest lake in the country. There are nearby picnic spots, restaurants, and shops to take care of your needs.