Tourist Spots in Fiji

Fiji is proof that great things come in small packages. When you are a tourist in this fantastic little country be sure not to miss these top ten tourist spots in Fiji.

Navala Village

You’ll be treated to a picturesque scene at the Navala Village. This is one of the tourist spots that any visitor of Fiji shouldn’t miss. It may take you about an hour to drive all the way into the highlands just to catch a glimpse of the place but the trip will be worth it.

The main attractions in this site are the houses built in the traditional fashion of the islands. They are locally known as ‘bures’ and are made out of bamboo and thatch. An interesting fact is that the toilets and bathrooms of these bures are also separate buildings outside of each hut. You’ll be welcomed here in the traditional yagona ceremony and will be treated to a traditional Fijian drink.

Beach Hopping

Since you’re already touring one of the most beautiful groups of islands in the Pacific, it is only natural to go about beach hopping. One particularly recommended tourist spot is the Yasawa Islands. It is an island chain that is only a couple of hours away from Nadi by fast ferry.

Small island resorts have been set up in the small chain of islands to accommodate visitors. The cost of travel and lodgings are perfect for backpackers and those who are looking for really affordable deals. Moving around from one beach to another won’t be that difficult since there are a lot of boats and catarmans you can rent.

Navua River

A great treat for nature lovers is the Navua River Trip. You get to travel from the rainforest to the nearby villages. You get to experience the wild life first hand as you view the natural beauty of the local rainforest. You can get on a motorized canoe for your river cruise. However, if you want to get a more traditional feel, you can take the tour on a bamboo raft.

Nananu-i-Ra Island

This is a little island located at the northern coast of Viti Levu. Getting to this tourist spot will require a scenic drive along the countryside, which is already in itself a treat for nature lovers. Getting to the island will also have you taking a short ten-minute boat ride.

The reward for the short trip is a dip in some of the most beautiful beaches in Fiji. There are beaches with sandy bottoms, sheltered beaches, and beaches that teem with undersea life. The resorts you’ll find here offer a lot of water sport activities like wind surfing and kite surfing.

Touring the Historic Coral Coast

The islands of Fiji is not only about having fun in beaches and enjoying the sweet tropical life. Those who are interested in seeing historical sites can take the tour at the Coral Coast. Highlights of the historic tour include visits to the Tavuni Fort, Sigatoka Sandunes National Park, and the Nakabuta Pottery Village. These historic sites are only an hour away from the airport, which makes them quite accessible to tourists.

Mamanuca Island Cruise

One of the popular tourist spots in Fiji are the Mamanuca Islands. Some of the luxury hotels of the country are located in this island chain. If you’re looking for great accommodations you might want to consider booking a room in one of the hotels here.

This tourist spot features 30 islands that can be reached by a day cruise. You can engage in water activities or just tour the islands and check out the sites. It’s a great place to bring your family along or to simply just enjoy great tropical food under the sun.


Come to think of it, since you’re already in one of the most beautiful tropical paradises in the world, why not learn how to scuba dive or at least snorkel? The beauty of the tourist spots in Fiji is not only found under the sun but underwater as well. There are a lot of diving and snorkeling outfitters that will be more than willing to teach and assist you.

Bouma National Park

One of highlights of any trip to Fiji is the Bouma National Park. Visitors are usually astounded by the tropical rainforest located on the northern sections of Taveuni. The national park stretches to about 15,000 hectares of land. It has a beautiful mountain range that serves as a back drop. You can go on a guided tour or just follow one of the trails in the park.

Go Exploring

If you’re the adventure seeking type then you might just want to head out and go exploring. One of the recommended places to explore is the Lau Group of islands. Take note, however, that it will take about a whole month to completely explore all the islands. There will usually be small hotels and resorts all over the islands so finding a place to retreat for the night won’t really be much of a problem.

Aerial Sightseeing

One of the popular activities in Nadi is to take an aerial tour. You can go on trips on a helicopter or seaplane. For those who are quite adept, they can try the skydiving trip if they’re brave enough. You get to see the rugged yet beautiful side of Fiji that you won’t usually see on the ground.