Tourist Spots in Gambia

The Republic of Gambia is one of the nations in the Western Africa. The place is bordered in the west by the Atlantic Ocean and Senegal at the south, north and east. Tourism in Gambia is important to stimulate economic growth. Foreigners are encouraged to see the top 10 tourist spots in Gambia.

Makasutu Cultural Forest

The Makasutu Cultural Forest in Mandina is one of the eco-tourist sites in the country. The forests feature numerous trees and shrubs. Residents of Kembujeh usually visit the place to clear the fields and farm. This tourist destination features several lodges and small dining areas.

Abuko Nature Reserve

The first reserve in the country, the Abuko Nature Reserve features a forest. This tourist destination plays home to numerous wildlife and plant species. The impressive spots at the reserve include the Lamin Stream and the small pools. Birdwatchers can have an enjoyable time at the site because it features hundreds of bird species.

Bao Bolon Wetland Reserve

The Bao Bolon Wetland Reserve at Gambia River’s north bank. The total area covered by the reserve is 85 square miles. The animal species that tourists can see inside the reserve are the Clawless otter, the African fish and the Nile crocodile.

Basse Santa Su

Basse Santa Su is a town situated at the Upper River Region. Some of the activities that most tourists do when they visit the town is sightseeing and visiting old houses . The town also has a museum, a restaurant and a bookshop.

Juffure Village

The Juffure Village is located at the Upper Niumi District. The places to see at the village include the National Museum of the North Bank, the James Island and the Museum at Juffure. Nearby accommodations are the Kunte Kinte Roots Camp, Home at Last Motel and the Juffureh Rest House.

Gambia River

One of the major tourist destinations in the country is the Gambia River. The length of the river is approximately 1,130 kilometers. The river passes through the Fouta Djallon Plateau and leads to the Atlantic Ocean. Boating and swimming are the popular activities that can be done at the site.

Kanilai Game Park

The Kanilai Game Park at the village of Jola in the southern part of Gambia. The place is a safari reserve, which plays home to zebras, Nile crocodiles and rhinos. The park is open seven days a week usually from 8 am to 5 pm.

Kerr Batch Stone Circles

The Kerr Batch Stone Circles is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is found at the north bank of the River of Gambia. The place features exhibits, which display antique items such as cloth making tools, initiation masks and hunting weapons. Guests can also find ancient farm tools and herbal medicines at the site.

Osprey Beach

The Osprey Beach in Sanyang has golden sands. One of the hotels that offer affordable accommodation at the site is the Kobokoto Lodge. Additionally, people can find restaurants and bars at the beach. Diving, swimming and kayaking are the activities that can be enjoyed at this tourist destination.


Brikama is a town at the southeast part of the country. The main attraction at this historic town is the Brikama Craft Market, which features souvenir shops and retail stores. Other impressive spots at the site are the Marakissa Camp and the Pirang Forest Park.

The top 10 tourist spots in Gambia are important to know more about the history and heritage of the nation. To avoid delays, foreigners are advised to make prior arrangements before visiting these sites.