Tourist Spots in Georgia

Georgia is one of the Caucasian countries that have a rich history. The culture and heritage of the nation also contributes to tourism in the country. Foreigners who want to learn more about this place should see the top 10 tourist spots in Georgia because most of these places are historic and interesting.


Mtskheta is one of the historic towns in the country, which can be found at the northern part of Tbilisi. It was the center of Christianity in Georgia during the 12th century. One of the famous tourist destinations in this town is the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral.


One of the top tourist destinations in the country, Tbilisi is a city that is located at the River Mtkvari banks. The popular attractions at this city are the Georgian State Museum and the Georgian Museum of Arts. In addition, people can also visit the Museum of Ethnography at the city.

Georgian Military Highway

The Georgian Military Highway has a length of 220 kilometers and it stretches from Tbilisi to Vladikavkaz. The highway is historic because it was constructed by Russians who colonized the country in the 19th century. The interesting places that can be seen along the highway include the Tsminda Sameba Church.


Also known as the Fortress of God, Uplistsikhe is a tourist destination that is consisted of several caves that can be found at the eastern part of Gori. Aside from the caves, tourists can see a historic Georgian theater and large wine cellars in the place.


Gori is popular because it served as Iosif Dzhugashvili’s birthplace. The place can be found at the western part of Tbilisi. The town features a museum as well as a park that features artifacts related to Dzhugashvili.


Bordzhomi in the region of Tori is a spa town that is known for producing mineral water. Some of the activities that travelers can try at the place are hiking, trekking and picnicking. One of the beautiful places to see in the region is the Lake Tabatskuri.


Sukhumi is one of the finest tourist destinations in the Republic of Georgia. It is Abkhazia’s capital and it is famous for numerous attractive beaches. In addition, the place features remains of the Castle of the Georgian Bagratid King as well as the Shroma Cave.


The Ajarian Autonomous Republic’s capital, Batumi features an ancient bathhouse as well as a mosque. One of the nice places to see at the site is the attractive seaside resort. Travelers can also find tea plantations in the site.


Local tourists and foreigners can have an enjoyable stay at Gudauri. This tourist destination is a ski resort. The activities that people can enjoy at the site are snowboarding, skiing and ski touring.

Mount Kazbek

The Mount Kasbek is Caucasus’ third highest mountain. The mountain has a height of 16,504 feet. The place offers challenging hiking and trekking trails. Accommodations are also available at the base of the mountain.

Tourism in the Republic of Georgia is important to trigger the improvement of its economy. By spending time at these places, foreigners can have a memorable and enjoyable time at the site.