Tourist Spots in Germany

The Frisian Islands

The islands surround three countries, namely Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark. The island is found along the coastline of the German Bight. These islands are a wildlife nature reserve. When tourists visit the tourist spot, they can find numerous beaches where they can try various water sports like scuba diving, swimming and surfing.

The Black Forest

One of the top 10 tourist spots in Germany, the Black Forest is an attractive mountain range at Baden-Wurttemberg in southwestern Germany. The Feldberg is considered as the highest peak of the mountain range, which height measures 4,898 feet. The breadth of the mountain range is 37 miles while the length measures 120 miles. Some of the mountains found in the range are the Belchen, the Kandel and the Schauinsland.

Neuschwanstein Castle

Also known as the New Swan Stone palace, the Neuschwanstein Castle is a Bavarian palace situated at Bavaria in Germany. This tourist spot served as a retreat house to German composer Richard Wagner. Approximately, 1.3 million people visit the castle every year. Different tourists attractions are patterned after this castle like the Sleeping Beauty Castle and the Disneyland Park.

The Bradenburg Gate

Situated at the center of Berlin, the Bradenburg Gate is one of the most popular European landmarks. This tourist spot has five passageways and 12 columns. At the top of the gate is a statue of Victoria, the victory goddess, with a chariot. The site is historic because it serves as the gate to the city in the 1800s.

The Marienplatz

The Marienplatz is Munich’s central square since 1158. One of the attractions that people can find in this place is the Mary’s Column, which was erected to commemorate the final years of Swedish occupation in the area. Above the column is the statue of Virgin Mary. Aside from these, tourists can also find the structure of putto, which is a masterpiece of Ferdinand Murmann.

Lake Constance

Included in the list of the top 10 Europe’s longest rivers, Lake Constance is a popular river at the foot of the Alps. It is consisted of three bodies of water, namely the Seerhein, the Untersee and the Obersee. At this tourist spot, people can find several islands including the Lindau, the Mainau Island and the Reichenau Island.

Cologne Cathedral

Another famous tourist spot in the place is the Cologne Cathedral, which is situated at the center of the City of Cologne. The place features a Gothic architecture, which makes it more attractive and interesting to see. Inside the cathedral, people can find numerous attractions like the Shrine of the Three Kings, the Sacrament Chapel as well as the Jewish tablets.

Dachau Concentration Camp

Dachau Concentration Camp is listed one of the top 10 tourist spots in Germany. Some of the notable prisoners in the camp are Bruno Bettelheim, Aaron Miller and Moshe Sanbar. Inside the camp, people can find the memorial site for politicians, communists and writers who were imprisoned in the place.


Also known as the Fragrance Museum, the Farina-House is located along the street of Obenmarspforten in Cologne. The museum focuses on artworks and technologies related to Eau de Cologne. Guests can also find different technical devices in the museum like the distillation apparatus.

Museum Ludwig

Another tourist spot to visit in Germany is the Museum Ludwig. This site features numerous modern artworks. The place was established in 1976. One of the attractions in the site is the Sammlung Haubrich, Josef Haubrich’s art collection. The artworks included in the collection were gathered by Haubrich from 1914 to 1939.

Germany is one of the countries in Europe that has a rich history and heritage. To know more about the famous places in the country, it is best to visit the top 10 tourist spots in Germany.