Tourist Spots in Ghana

Thought about a trip to Ghana? Well, if you ever do find yourself there you will want to check out the following top ten tourist spots in the great little country.

Boti Falls

This tourist spot in Ghana is a seasonal waterfall within the territory of the forest reserve located in Huhunya. The place is a great tourist attraction specifically when you are viewing the magnificent ‘Umbrella Rock’.

Kakum National Park

This tourist spot in Ghana has a canopy walkway where you get to view the trees and plants from above. This is the only national park in Africa that has this kind of feature. The park is like a nature’s pharmacy as you hike along the famous Kuntan Trail.


This tourist spot in Ghana is an estuary where there is a display of wonderful scenic landscape. View the ocean beaches and river as you lay in one of the picnic spots that are shaded by palm trees. Sea birds and turtles are making their nests on the sandbars. Migratory birds make their breeding ground on the basin of the Keta-Angaw Lagoon.


This tourist spot in Ghana is a botanical garden that is rich with various species of plants. The place is located about 40 kilometers north of the city of Accra. Enjoy a refreshing and relaxing within the vicinity of the gardens.

Labadi Beach Hotel

A tourist spot in Ghana where their priority is your leisure time. The main attraction of the place is their swimming pool that is bordered by palm trees. The fountains and pool area gives a welcoming and refreshing retreat from the humid and heat of the country.

Cocoloko Beach

This tourist spot in Ghana is a little overnight beach perfect for camping out. This is an ideal place for tourists who want to experience sleeping in round huts, lying out in the sandy beaches, swim in the turquoise waters, enjoy a great sun tan from sunbathing, and learn how to dance and drum the Ghanaian way.

Elmina Beach Hotel

This tourist spot in Ghana is a very modern resort as well as magnificent. The hotel is offering various modern facilities for your personal entertainment and leisure.

Busua Beach Resort

This tourist spot in Ghana is an ideal beach resort for various water sports. They have modern equipment that you can use to participate in your favorite water activities. The beach resort is also great for some relaxation time.

Castles and Fortresses

Ghana has a number of ancient castles and fortresses that you can visit during your travels in the country. There is the Cape Coast Castle, then the Castle of Elmina, then the Fort St. Jago. Travel back in time as you visit these historical sites in Ghana.

Ashanti Beasease Shrine

This tourist spot in Ghana is an ancestral shrine that was constructed about 1850. It displays the wonderful architectural style of the traditional Ashanti culture. Outside the vicinity of the shrine is an Isop tree whose leaves are submerged in water and the water is use in the shrine for the purification of the person before he prays.