Tourist Spots in Greece

The Acropolis in Athens

A trip to Greece won’t be complete without visiting this ultimate icon of the country. This is a tourist spot in Greece that is actually an outcropping of rock where Parthenon, the sacred temple of the goddess Athena stood proudly. It is great to visit this site early in the morning or late in the afternoon to avoid the presence of big crowds.

Island of Hydra

A small sophisticated island where you can have the fun shopping but no nude beaches allowed. This great tourist spot in Greece brags its fascinating harbor, fun shops, good church architecture, and nice quality tavernas. You can also take a tour to the monastery within the island.

The National Archaeological Museum in Athens

This is a tourist spot in Greece where you can really appreciate the culture of the Greeks in its fullness. Displayed are archaic statues of gods, mysterious kouroi, and other significant artifacts of ancient Greece. There is also a good collection of Egyptian artifacts displayed in the museum.

Knossos in Crete

An alluring tourist spot in Greece where you can find the Minoan palace that was built during the rule of King Minos over the Aegean. This labyrinthine structure is truly disorienting and you can easily get lost. But don’t worry because there are paid tour guides available all the time to serve you.

The Temple of Poseidon in Cape Sounion Nearby Athens

This is a tourist spot in Greece that is set on the top of the cliff overlooking the shimmering Aegean Sea. A beautiful place to go to witness the sunset and being in the ruins will make you feel heroic or poetic. The bare spaces among the columns of the temple frame the sky and look like gateways toward eternity.

Crete Island

A huge island that has a little of everything that you desire for a vacation. A tourist spot in Greece where you can find wonderful beach towns, great natural wonders, and sophistication. It is considered as a separate country within the nation of Greece.

Island of Santorini

The tourist spot in Greece where grand sunsets, missing Minoans, fine restaurants, Atlantis legends, good local wine, vampire stories, and a fascinating volcanic legacy are famous. Tourists are present all year round and it is best to arrive at the island by sea to have a good view of the scenery.


An intriguing tourist spot in Greece where you get to have a good tour of the great Mycenean fortress. An interesting place where the double-lion gate is found, tomb shafts are cylindrical, and walls that are really massive. Wear good hiking shoes as the road is really steep going to the gate of the fortress.

Island of Mykonos

A fun, charming, beautiful, and sophisticated tourist spot in Greece where you can find splendid shopping, lively nightlife, and nude beaches. Considered as the most popular island in Greece and tourists flock here regularly. One side of the island is full of frenzy while the other side is open country.

Ancient Theater of Epidaurus

This tourist spot in Greece deserves your special trip since driving there from Athens is pretty easy. The ancient theater is still in use where plays are shown regularly during the summer months. The acoustics of the theater are truly amazing.