Tourist Spots in Grenada

One of the small island countries that can be found in the southeast part of the Caribbean Sea, Grenada has a fast developing tourism sector. Tourism in the island country is concentrated on some places including Saint Georges and Point Salines. To have knowledge about the place, it is best to take a look at the top 10 tourist spots in Grenada.

Petit Martinique

Found at the northern part of Carriacou, Petit Martinique has an estimated population of not more than 1,000. This volcanic island features a cathedral. The waters surrounding the island is calm so yachters can have a nice time visiting the place.

Levera National Park

The Levera National Park is located at the island’s northeastern shore. At the entrance, people can find a visitors’ center where guests will be briefed about the interesting places inside the national park. The interesting places include the Levera Pond and the Bird Watch Bridge.

La Sagesse Nature Center

La Sagesse Nature Center is a beachside residence owned by Lord Brownlow. The center provides a nice view of the beach and a protected bay. Nature trails are also open to public so tourists can enjoy trekking at the site.

Grand Etang Natural Park

The Grand Etang Natural Park features different attractive tourist destinations. These include the Fedon’s Camp Trail, the Morne La Baye Trail and the Concord Falls and Trail. Aside from these, the park is known for the remarkable Seven Sisters Falls and the Mount Qua Qua Trail.

Grand Anse Bay

The Grand Anse Bay is found near Saint Georges. The place is popular for featuring a golden sand beach. Additionally, people can find several restaurants and hotels at the site where tourists can relax, sleep and dine.


The Carenage in Saint Georges is one of the nautical attractions at the site. The place provides scenic view of the Wharf Road. In addition, tourists can see a museum at this tourist destination.

Fort George

Found at Saint Georges, the Fort George was constructed in 1705. The site is located on top of a hill so it provides a nice view of the entire city. Some of the interesting attractions at the site include fortifications, town walls and gates.

Carib’s Leap

One of the places in the country that has a historic value is the Carib’s Leap in Sauteurs. This tourist destination is a coastal cliff wall where Carib families jumped off in 1651 to hide from Frrench soldiers. The wall has a height of 40 meters.

Lake Antoine

The Lake Antoine near Tivoli is a famous tourist destination because it is an extinct volcano’s crater. At the lake, people can find the River Sallee Boiling Springs. In addition, there are also sulfur deposits at the sides of the lake.

Tyrrel Bay

The Tyrrel Bay in Carriacou is a nice place to enjoy water activities like swimming. The place features a large beach where people can have fun and relax. Aside from swimming, another interesting activity to do at the site is yachting.

Grenada is a small country that features numerous historic sites and natural wonders. Foreigners can have a notable time at the place if they visit these popular tourist destinations.