Tourist Spots in Guatemala

A country bordered by the Pacific Ocean at the southwest and Belize to the northeast, Guatemala is one of the places in Central America that features interesting artificial, historic and natural tourist destinations. These sites are important to stimulate the performance of the country’s tourism sector. To learn more about the country, let us have a glimpse of the top 10 tourist spots in Guatemala.

Ixchel Museum of Mayan Costumes

Found at the City of Guatemala, Ixchel Museum of Mayan Costumes features a large collection of clothes and textiles of early communities in the country during the 19th century. Aside from the textiles, visitors can also find different paintings at the site.

Popol Vuh Museum

Another interesting tourist destination in Guatemala City is the Popol Vuh Museum. The museum features a significant Mayan art collection. One of the attractions in the museum is the Mayan Sarcophagus.

Captain General’s Palace

The Captain General’s Palace in Antigua is one of the most interesting buildings in the place. The building features stone columns. It is historic because it was the center of the Spanish colonial government. The palace has a museum and some parts were converted to government buildings.

Casa K’ojom

Situated in Antigua, Casa K’ojom is one of the most impressive museums in the country. The site promotes collections of artifacts related to Mayan ceremonies and music. Moreover, the museum features musical instruments used by Spanish people who colonized the country.

Casa Popenoe

Casa Popenoe is another impressive tourist destination in Antigua. The site is a colonial house constructed during the 17th century. The house is furnished with a colonial kitchen, period antiques as well as laundry and bath areas.


A UNESCO World Heritage Site in Guatemala, Quirigua is a small but notable Mayan city. At the city, tourists can see ancient temples and rocks formed into mythological animals. It also featured a 30-feet stelae.

Tikal National Park

The Tikal National Park is another World Heritage Site in the country. The total area covered by this tourist destination is 57,600 hectares. It is a home to wildlife species including monkeys, deer and coatis. It also features hiking and trekking trails.

Lake Atitlan

Lake Atitlan is found in the Western Highlands of Guatemala. At the lake, people can enjoyed various activities including sailing, boating, scuba diving and snorkeling. The height of the lake is 5,125 feet and the area covered by the lake is 129 square meters.

Semuc Champey

Sempuc Champey forms from the Cahabon River. These natural pools are located in the forest and adjacent to a limestone cave. Swimming and boating are some of the activities that can be enjoyed at the tourist destination.

Fuentes Georginas

Many tourists go to Fuentes Georginas in the Western Highlands because it features sulfurous water. To reach the hot springs, tourists should go in a tropical jungle. The surroundings of the hot springs are good for trekking and hiking.

By seeing these destinations, foreigners can help improve the tourism in the country. To experience a remarkable visit in the country, tourists are encouraged to see the other attractions such as the Tacana Volcano and the Mixco Viejo.