Tourist Spots in Holland

Beyond the normal imagery that most people think when the country of Holland is mentioned, there are many places to see and experience when vacationing in this famous country. Here are the top ten to not miss!


The city capital of the country that has a lot of majestic architecture, great shopping, beautiful canals crisscrossing around the city, and people who are really friendly. When travelling to this tourist spot in Holland, you will always find something to do according to your taste. You can tour the various historical and modern structures to learn the culture and history of the place, go and have some serious partying, or just spend a relaxing day walking around this ancient European city.


This tourist spot in Holland is the biggest theme park in the Benelux region that is based around elves, dwarves, and fairy tales. The place is not just for children alone but for the entire family to spend a wonderful day together. Efteling gives various entertainment that is suited to any age group in the family.

Hoge Veluwe National Park

Located in Gelderland, this tourist spot in Holland is the biggest national park within the country that is composed of sand dunes, heathlands, and woodlands. The park is much accessible when you take a ride from Amhem City. Aside from seeing the beautiful landscape, you can also visit the museum, visitors’ centre, and hunting lodge.


A tourist spot in Holland that is famous for its enormous flower fields. During the spring months of March to May, the large tulip gardens are in full bloom giving bright colors to the field. The flower fields in Keukenhof covers about 32 hectares and aside from tulips, there are also other beautiful flowers like daffodils, hyacinths, and other kinds of spring flowers.


A popular and authentic tourist spot in Holland due to the large system of working windmills. These windmills is an icon of an ideal Dutch landscape and the place is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Be overblown as you visit the Windmill Park for free and you can even get inside one of these windmills or take a boat tour around the park.


An old island that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site where you can see the remains of a ghost village that is well-preserved. Within this tourist spot in Holland is a museum where various exhibits are displayed showing the life of the place before it became a ghost village.


A large island located in the region of West Frisian Islands that has four different landscapes. The landscapes in this tourist spot in Holland are polders and flatland, beaches and dunes, hilly, and wetlands. Birds are plentiful in the island as well as tourists especially on the summer months.

Waterland and Zaan Region

This is a tourist spot in Holland where you can witness a typical countryside of the Dutch people. The place is a low rural land full with windmills, clogs, flowers, dykes, and beautiful wooden houses. Visit here and experience an ideal day in the Dutch countryside.

Zaanse Schans

A museum and an open-air preservation area along the bank of Zaan River. Displayed here are typical green wooden houses built according to their traditional architecture. There are also lots of working windmills and workshops of the craftsmen from the region.

De Biesbosch

A tourist spot in Holland that is considered as Europe’s last freshwater tide. It is also among the biggest national park in the country. The park is composed of wide river system and large creeks with islands in them. The willow forests are the common vegetation around the area aside from fields of reed and wet grasslands. The migrating geese is a wonderful sight in here.