Tourist Spots in Honduras

Tourism in Honduras concentrates on natural wonders as well as historic and archaeological sites. To entice foreigners to visit the country, the national government promotes some of the most interesting and attractive tourist spots. This article lists and provides brief descriptions of the top 10 tourist spots in Honduras.

Copa Ruinas Archaeological Site

Situated at the Western Highlands, Copa Ruinas Archaeological Site is a World Heritage Site in Honduras. Some of the artifacts and ruins that can be seen at the place include a hieroglyphic stairway, a ball court and the Stelae of the Great Plaza. The ruins were from the Copan, a Mayan city 2,000 years ago.

La Tigra National Park

La Tigra National Park in Tegucigalpa is found at the altitude of 7,466 feet. The park is visited by many foreigners because it features a beautiful forest. It is the home of 200 bird species and other wildlife species including monkeys and pumas. Additionally, it features six hiking trails.

National Art Gallery

An impressive museum in Tegucigalpa, the National Art Gallery displays art collections and paintings. Most of the artworks displayed at the site were dated from the prehistoric times to the colonial times. The gallery is open to public from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 5 pm.

Lancetilla Botanical Gardens

An interesting tourist destination in Tela, the Lancetilla Botanical Gardens is the world’s second biggest tropical garden. The place has a hiking trail and a swimming hole. Aside from the 200 tropical bird species, tourists visit the site to see the Lancetilla River.

Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve

Another attractive site in the country is the Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve in La Mosquita. The places of interest at the reserve include the historic village of Palacios and the bird sanctuary in Plaplaya. Aside from these, people can also find the folk people in the villages of Belen and Raista.

Carambola Gardens

The Carambola Gardens at the Sandy Bay has hiking and trekking trails leading to the forests of ferns, palms and fruit trees. The gardens have a special breeding section for parrots as well as iguanas.


Roatan is one of the most developed areas at the Bay Islands. The town features a cruise-ship port and several beaches. Scuba diving and fishing are two of the activities that people can enjoy at the site.

El Cusuco National Cloud Forest

El Cusuco National Cloud Forest in San Pedro Sula features the pristine Marendon Mountain Range. The forest is popular because it is a home to Quetzal. Hiking is one of the most exciting activities that can be done at the forest.

The Peak

The Peak in Tegucigalpa is a famous tourist destination that features Mayan ruins replicas. In addition, tourists can find a small zoo and a statue of Christ overlooking the town.

Pico Bonito Tropical Butterfly Farm and Serpentarium

Found at the Caribbean Coast, Pico Bonito Tropical Butterfly Farm and Serpentarium covers a land of 4,000 square feet. The farm features numerous tropical butterflies while the sepentarium is the home of 20 reptiles and snakes.

Honduras is a Central American nation that is rich in natural wonders as well as archaeological sites. Tourists who visit these places can enhance their understanding on the culture of people living in the country.