Tourist Spots in Indonesia

One of the essential components in Indonesia is the tourism sector. To attract foreigners to visit the country, it features different artificial as well as natural tourist destinations. In this article, the top tourist spots in Indonesia will be featured.

Bali Barat National Park

One of the popular spots in the country is the Bali Barat National Park. It covers a total area of 188,000 acres. For the comfort of travelers, there are lodges and small hotels at the park where they can sleep. Examples of activities that can be enjoyed at the site are hiking and trekking.

Puri Agung Kanginan

Puri Agung Kagingan is a castle in Amlapura. The palace has three parts, namely the Bengingah, the gardens and the residential. Some of the interesting places at the site are the Audience Hall, the Bale Pemandesan and the Bale London.

Lagundri Bay

If you want to go surfing, one of the nice places to see is the Lagundri Bay in Sumatra. The place is very popular for having an interesting surf break. Some of the attractions at the bay are the Indicators, the Kiddies Corner and The Machine.

Pura Kehen

Also known as the Temple of the Treasury, Pura Kehen in Bangli features interesting bronze tablets dated from 1204. The place has four terraces and an outer forecourt. Inside the temple, people can see shrines of tugus and divinities.

Bali National Museum

Another famous tourist spot in the country is the Bali National Museum at Jalan Wisnu. The place features exhibits of a wedding tableaux and a royal throne. Another interesting site to see in the museum is the Gedong Karangasem or the center building, which features Neolithic materials.

Pura Jagat Natha

Pura Jagat Natha is a stone-throw from the Bali National Museum. The museum commemorates the life of Sangyang Widi. The place features artifacts collections. In addition, it also features divinities symbols.

Pura Sada

One of the most essential and historic temples in the country, Pura Sada is found at Bali. Some of the attractions inside the temple include a spacious courtyard, an outer forecourt and a seven-tiered gate. The artifacts featured inside the temple are 57 stone thrones used by the Mengwi Dynasty.

Museum of Mataram

The Museum of Mataram is a nice place to see if you want to know the history of Indonesia. The museum features numerous utensils, implements, weapons as well as local products. In addition, guests can also find models of traditional Sasak houses.

Gunung Abang

Hiking is one of the activities that tourists can try when they visit Gunung Abang in Penelokan. The height of the place is 7064 feet. The place also provides a nice view of the Lake Batur.

Puri Gianyar

Puri Gianyar was constructed by Dewa Manggis IV in 1771. The place promotes traditional Balinese architecture. One of the main attractions in the site is the tropical garden where orchids and other attractive flowering plants are present.

By visiting these tourist spots, tourists can learn more about the history as well as heritage of Indonesia. To have a more remarkable vacation in the place, it is best to see the other tourist attractions like the Lingsar Temple and the Pura Tanah Lot.