Tourist Spots in Iran

You might not think Iran as a good tourist destination however this country can indeed boast of some historical and fascinating sites if you ever do find yourself in this ancient country. Here then are the top ten tourist spots in the country of Iran.

Dizin Ski Resort

A ski resort that is located at the northern portion of Tehran within the mountain range of Alborz. This tourist spot in Iran is a significant ski resort in the country and the entire Middle East region. The snow in the mountain range is very excellent and the season do lasts longer compared to the ski resorts found in Europe.

Chabahar Beaches

Due to the strategic location of Chabahar, its beaches are popular for any recreation and water sports especially in the winter months. This tourist spot in Iran has an amazing landscape of the coastal area and the waters of the Oman Sea gives good health benefits to the human body due to the presence of various minerals in the water.

The Caspian Coast

This tourist spot in Iran gives a beautiful scenery within its rivers and over the mountains. The Caspian coast on the side of Iran is filled with abundant forests and huge rice paddies which gives an astounding contrast to the inner plateau of the country that is dry. Within the coast are lovely sandy beaches and comfortable climate conditions suitable for weekend getaways and holidays.

Kish Island Beaches

This famous tourist spot in Iran is considered as a pearl over the blue waters of the Persian Gulf. The coral coasts of the island usually gives out a unique glow when under direct sunlight. The water is so clear that you can eventually see the bottom of the sea and the marine life swimming around. The beaches are really safe for swimming and fishing.

Naqsh-e Rostam, Shiraz

This historical tourist spot in Iran is said to be a Persepolis cemetery and royalties of Sassanid, Parthian, and Achaemenid were buried. You can see here the sole surviving monument for the period of pre-Achaemenid. There are four Achaemenid tombs that are fashioned out of a cliff.

Lake Urmia

The United Nations have recognized this lake as an international park and it covers about an area of 5,700 square kilometers in the northwestern region of Iran. This tourist spot in Iran contains several beautiful islands that are inhabited by birds and wild animals. The lake water and mud has some therapeutic benefits to the body due to its salt contents.

Quran Gateway, Shiraz

This tourist spot in Iran is the entryway to Shiraz and considered a very gorgeous historical monument within the country. The gateway is composed of three arches and two copies of the Holy Quran are kept within.

Miandasht Caravanserai

This tourist spot in Iran is a complex that is situated about 105 kilometers to the eastern side of Shahrood City. Within the complex are unusual structures that include three water stores, one castle, three caravanserai, and one hours hosting. The place has great landscapes and full of natural beauty.

Tchogha Zanbil

This tourist spot in Iran is a place where you can see the ruins of the sacred city of Elam Kingdom. This city was built in 1250 B.C. but was never finished since there are evidences of unused bricks within the site.


A famous tourist spot in Iran that has monumental ruins of great importance. The place was constructed on a huge half-natural, half-artificial terrace where an astounding palace was built using Mesopotamian models.