Tourist Spots in Israel

Tourism in Israel offers a variety of religious and historical places that local travelers and foreign tourists can visit. Aside from these, the country also offers archaeological museum, ecotourism and heritage tourism. Below are the top 10 tourist spots in Israel that everyone should see.


Masada is a historic place in the country’s South District where troops who do not want to surrender during the First Jewish-Roman War committed mass suicide. At the site, visitors can find Roman-style bathhouses, storehouses and Roman soldiers barracks. Aside from these, guests can also see a museum that features archaeological findings from the site when it was excavated.

Jerusalem Biblical Zoo

The zoo is found at Malha in Jerusalem. The place is popular for featuring animals that are featured in the Hebrew Bible. The zoo plays home to the Golden Lion Tamarin, macaw and cockatoo species. In addition, people can also find ibis, Asian elephant and Persian fallow deer at the site.


A town found at the District of Haifa in Caesarea Maritima, Caesarea features several historic sites. One of the most popular sites at the town is the Caesarea port remains. The town has a business park where tourists can shop and eat. Moreover, travelers can enjoy playing golf at the Caesarea Golf and Country Club.

Zoological Center of Tel Aviv-Ramat Gan

Also known as the Ramat Gan Safari, the Zoological Center of Tel Aviv-Ramat Gan covers a total area of 250 acres in Ramat Gan. Some of the species housed at the center are the Asian and African elephants, orangutan, gorilla and lions. The total number of animals at the site is approximately 1,600.

Hamat Gader

Hamat Gader is situated at Yarmouk River valley. The place features several hot springs baths where travelers can relax. The baths are used by for healing and recreation purposes. One of the popular spots at the place is a large synagogue.


One of the archaeological sites in the country is Banias at Mount Hermon. The place features an ancient temple, a grotto as well as rituals niches. In addition, guests can find courtyards at the site. Moreover, the spot features remains of the Temple of Pan.


Qumran is found several miles from the Dead Sea. At the site, tourist can see Jewish ritual baths, ancient assembly or dining hall and a cemetery. One of the most valuable items collected at the site is the Dead Sea Scroll. Other attractions at the site include the Qumran water system and the Qumran pantry with 1000 ceramic items.

Mini Israel

Mini Israel is a miniature park at the Ayalon Valley. The place features miniatures of 350 tourist destinations in the country. The site has a souvenir shop and several restaurants. Aside from these, it has a lecture room.

Mount Hermon

Mount Hermon is a mountain range in the country. The highest peak of the mountain range is 9,230 feet. Guests can find settlements at the mountain including the Nimrod and the Neve Ativ.

Shrine of Bahaullah

The Shrine of Bahaullah is found in Bahji. The place has a small garden and a central room. In addition, the shrine is near the popular Mansion of Bahji.

Israel has a rich history and heritage. To enhance our understanding about the culture of Israelites, it is important to see the top 10 tourist spots in Israel.