Tourist Spots in Jamaica

An island nation found at the Caribbean Sea, Jamaica occupies a land that has a width of 80 kilometers and a length of 234 kilometers. The Jamaican tourism industry contributes to its developing economy. Foreigners who like to enjoy their vacation must see the top 10 tourist spots in Jamaica.

Blue Mountains and John Crow Mountains National Park

The Blue Mountains and John Crow Mountains National Park in Kingston features several natural wonders including waterfalls, mountain vistas as well as lush rain forests. Inside the forests, people can find exotic animals and plants. The place is popular for featuring the Giant Swallowtail Butterfly.

Institute of Jamaica Museums

The Institute of Jamaica Museums at Kingston features collections of prints and books from the West Indies. Aside from the books, people can also find preserved plants and animals in the museum. Most of the items stored in the museum are important to the Jamaican history.

National Heroes Park

The National Heroes Park in Kingston is significant to Jamaicans because the remains of the popular heroes in the country were buried in this place. At the park, people can find statues of people who fought for the independence of Jamaica.

Port Royal

Another impressive site at Kingston is the Port Royal. The interesting sites that can be seen at the port include the Fort Charles Maritime Museum, the Museum of Historical Archaeology and the Saint Peter’s Church. In addition, they can also visit the popular Gunboat Beach.

Rose Hall Great House

The Rose Hall Great House at Montego Bay is an ancient house that was constructed in 1760. The house features furnishings in the 1700s. The place has a restaurant that serves local delicacies. It is open to public seven days a week from 9 am to 6 pm.

Dunn’s River Falls

The Dunn’s River Falls in Ocho Rios has a height of 600 feet. The main attractions at the site are the limestone tiers. Boating, canoeing and swimming are the popular activities at the base of the falls.

Fern Gully

Aside from the falls, people can also spend some time at Fern Gully in Ocho Rios. The main attraction in the site is the road that was constructed from a river bed. The road has a length of 4.8 kilometers.

Brimmer Hall

The Brimmer Hall in Port Maria features a big coconut plantation. Aside from this, people can also see a large banana plantation at the site. The place features different tropical plants. Tourists can see the place from Monday to Friday.

Rio Grande River

The Rio Grande River in Port Antonio is popular for featuring a beautiful tropical forest. Tourists can see the entire river by riding in pole bamboo rafts. Kayaking and canoeing are some of the water activities that can be enjoyed at the river.

Nonsuch Caves and Atheny Gardens

Situated in Port Antonio, Nonsuch Caves and Atheny Gardens feature Indian relics as well as rare fossils. The tourist destination is a home to hundreds plant species. The site covers a total area of 74 hectares.

To stimulate the economic state of the country, it concentrates on improving international tourism. These places are only few of the numerous tourist destinations in Jamaica that foreigners should see.