Tourist Spots in Kosovo

Discovering the best tourist areas in Kosovo is the easiest and best way to experience this grand and ancient country which is quickly becoming a great place for tourism.


The capital city of the country is also a great tourist spot in Kosovo. Take a walking tour of the city as you visit one building to another like museums, mosques, monuments, and government buildings. It is also quite interesting to have a visit to the offices of Kosovo’s important international organizations.

Drini River Waterfall

This tourist spot in Kosovo is a fantastic place during the summer months. The waterfall is located behind the village of Berdynaj in the northern part of Pec. The road going to the river is already amazing aside from the great view of the waterfall.

The Pec Patriarchy

Located about two kilometers away from the center of Pec City in the northwest direction. This is where the foundation of the Serbian Orthodox Church Patriarchy is located since 1302. This tourist spot in Kosovo is a gorgeous monastery full of amazing paintings.

The Rugova Gorge

Driving further from the Pec Patriarchy is the Rugova Gorge. A tourist spot in Kosovo that is a canyon composed of very steep walls. The highest reach of the walls of the gorge is about 300 meters.

The Gjakova Old Bazaar

This tourist spot in Kosovo is an ancient and very attractive shopping center that dates back to 17th century. The place has been reconstructed after it was damaged by fire during the battle in 1999. An ancient mosque that was constructed during the 15th century is found at the center of the shopping center.

The Mitrovica Bridge

This tourist spot in Kosovo is a fascinating representation of the division between the populace of the country. The bridge serves as a dividing path between Albanians and Serbs in Mitrovica. Approaching and taking a good look at the bridge is always safe except when political situation becomes worse.


Of all the cities in Kosovo, Prizren is the most historical since it has lots of lovely Islamic architecture. This tourist spot in Kosovo is a home of monasteries and mosques that dates back to the fourteenth century. Tour around the city and admire the wonderful mosques spread across the city and the most notable of them is the Mosque of Sinan Pasha.


A very spectacular village in the country of the Balkans and the place is inhabited by the Gorani people. Walking around the village is very ideal to really see the uniqueness of the place. Their houses are made of mountain rocks and other materials from their immediate area. A horse ride going to the mountains is a wonderful opportunity to see the beauty of nature in this part of the world.

Novo Brdo

A tourist spot in Kosovo that was a metropolis during the year 1326 according to historical documents. The place has a large medieval fortress that was constructed on the peak of the cone of an extinct volcano. Taking a visit to the ruins of the fortress will give you a good experience to cherish.


A tourist spot in Kosovo that was once an ancient city of the Romans. Located in Lipljan, the remains of this once great city are significant for the history of the country. Mosaics, basilica, and tombstones were unearthed from the area including ceramics, coins, jewelry, and weapons.