Tourist Spots in Kuwait

Although most famous for the invasion which started the first Gulf War, Kuwait has much more to offer than plain strife. There are some great attractions to see for the tourist looking for a different type of vacation.

Tareq Rajab Museum

The Tareq Rajab collection was presented for public viewing back in 1980. This museum houses one of the biggest collections on Islamic art. There are actually over 30,000 items in the collection, however, only 10,000 artifacts are on display. Nevertheless, that is still really impressive. The collection includes silver and gold jewelry, ceramics, glass and metal works, musical instruments, among others. Some of the pieces in the collection are about 250 years old.

Al-Sha’ab Leisure Park

This tourist attraction is located on Kuwait’s southern coast. This state of the art leisure park is equipped with a lot of amusement rides and other forms of entertainment designed for patrons of whatever age. The kids will tend to spend hours on games in the park. Outdoor sports are also featured among the other attractions as well. The park is maintained according to international safety standards.

Scientific Center

The Scientific Center is the huge building that you will see at Kuwait’s waterfront. Though the building is primarily designed for the field of science, it also has a cultural and religious touch since it also highlights Islamic culture and art. The center has three attractions, which are the Discovery Place, IMAX Cinema, and the Aquarium.

Visitors get to explore various ecosystems in this tourist attraction. They also get to try various hands-on playful training. You also have the opportunity to watch movies on a gigantic screen in full 3D. The experience is highly educational and imaginative as well.

Sadu House

This tourist attraction is aimed at preserving the traditional weaving art known as Sadu. Various products are made through Sadu like rugs, carpets, tent screens, and a lot more. Visitors to this center have the opportunity to observe Bedouin women weave colored wool using this traditional craft. The Sadu House is situated close to the National Museum.

National Museum

The National Museum is one of the standard tourist attractions in Kuwait. Thousands of artifacts are on display that portrays the local culture and heritage of the country. You’ll find Islamic artifacts, fossils, potteries, and other items on display. You will find the National Museum on Arabian Gulf Street near the National Assembly.

Musical Fountain

The Musical Fountain is a wondrous spectacle especially at night. It has leveled pools that have more than 200 fountains. The Musical Fountain is the fourth biggest water fountain in the world. The fountain is quite a treat during the summer where people enjoy both the sights and the music that emanate from its display.

Al-Messilah Beach

This is actually one of Kuwait’s largest beaches. It extends beginning at the coast of Messila up to the Fahaheel Expressway. Visitors usually flock here to unwind with the blue ocean as a backdrop. There is a multi-level swimming pool intended for visitors who want to go swimming.

Kuwait Zoo

This is one of the really entertaining tourist attractions in the country. It has been around for more than a decade. It has an interesting set of animals that you can view at your leisure. A visit to the city won’t be complete without stopping by the zoo. You can find the city zoo on Airport Road, which makes it very accessible.

Kuwait Towers

Going up the Kuwait Towers will give you a magnificent view of the city. You’ll get a unique revolving panoramic view of the entire city. The towers won the prestigious Aga Khan Award for Architecture in 1980.

Green Island

You can consider this tourist attraction as something akin to an oasis. Once in there you can hardly figure out that you’re in the middle of a desert. It has an amphitheater where concerts are held for visitors. There are also exotic restaurants and swimming pools that cater to everyone’s needs.