Tourist Spots in Latvia

Latvia is full of adventure and excitement that will offer the tourist a grand time. So much history and beauty in such a small country and here are the top ten places every visitor should see.

Riga Old Town

This tourist spot in Latvia was created in 1201 and was encompassed with great fortifications. You can find here various ancient buildings like St. Peter’s Church, the Dome Cathedral, and the Riga Castle that houses the Foreign Art Museum and the Latvian History Museum. Within the Ratslaukums Square is the renovated Blackhead’s House that serves as the centerpiece of the square.

Riga – Jugendstil Metropolis

The buildings in this tourist spot in Latvia really amazed any tourists due to their high quality of artistry as well as their quantity. These beautiful buildings are located within the streets of Elizabetes and Alberta and they were built during the end part of the 19th century and the start of the 20th century. These gorgeous buildings can also be seen anywhere in the city.

Jurmala Beach

A beautiful sandy beach that has a length of 33 kilometers that offers various kinds of recreational activities anytime of the year. This tourist spot in Latvia has a shallow coastline, collection of 100-year-old pine trees, and refreshing clean air. Behind this magnificent beach are various kinds of interesting places to go like guesthouses, spa hotels, campsites, museum, amusement parks, and concert hall.

Wooden Architecture of Jurmala

This tourist spot in Latvia showcased about 4,000 buildings that are elegantly made of wood and displays the architectural gems of the city. These buildings use similar wood materials but the style are of wide variety like Art Nouveau, classicism, national romanticism, historicism, and functionalism.

Church of the Holy Trinity in Liepaja

This tourist spot in Latvia holds organ music concerts since it the church housed the largest organ of the world from the years 1185 to 1912. The church was constructed in the middle of the 18th century and contains magnificent Rococo woodcarvings. Within the church tower, you can have an amazing panoramic view of the Baltic Sea and the city area.

Liepaja Military Port

This tourist spot in Latvia will let you experience a day in your life to be a prisoner within the Military Port Prison. Inside the Northern Fort, you will be allowed to wander within the underground labyrinths using only torchlight. The area of Liepaja has been a refuge of the Russian navy during the late 19th century.

Daugava Museum

Located on the island of Dole within an 1898 estate house. This tourist spot in Latvia tells of the wonderful history of the Daugava River and the people who were relying their everyday living on its waters. Displayed in the museum are farmstead of ancient Daugava fishermen complete with their everyday tools and fishing equipment.

Birini Castle

This tourist spot in Latvia was constructed in 1860. The castle has an English Neo-gothic style of architecture and at present provides recreation, tours, and accommodation to visitors.

Pokaini Forest

This beautiful tourist spot in Latvia gives striking landscapes and amazing rock formations. This forest is regarded as an ancient sacred site for the Latvians. There are lots of different hiking trails within the forests where you can get closer to nature.

Livani Glass Factory and Museum

This tourist spot in Latvia provides visitors with the idea of how a glowing block of molten glass becomes a beautiful glassware within minutes. This factory has been in operation since 1887 up to this day. Displayed in the museum are artifacts of the first years of the factory and how it survived throughout the centuries.