Tourist Spots in Lebanon

Lebanon has a troubled past at times but there is also beauty here and tourism is no longer a stranger to this historic country. Here are the top ten places one should visit if ever in Lebanon.


A convenient tourist spot in Lebanon where you can pay a visit to most of the great sightseeing destinations of the country. Even if the city is intensely war torn, Beirut continues to captivate the heart of the dauntless tourist due to its urbane nature.

Saidon or Saida

Located at the southern side of Beirut, this coastal tourist spot in Lebanon is an amazing Phoenician state. It rivals with Tyre and Byblos for naval power. During the reign of Darius at the end part of the sixth century B.C. the town became the capital of the fifth Persian satrapy. You will see here a wonderful showcase of gardens and buildings.

Tyre or Sour

Located at the southern side of Saidon, this tourist spot in Lebanon is a coastal town that was established on an island. The place is mentioned in many Egyptian records during the 14th century making the place of ancient origin.

Beit Ed Dine

A famous tourist spot in Lebanon that has a striking Ottoman design of architecture. The Palace of Beit Ed Dine is situated at the heart of an amazing surrounding and the meaning of its name is ‘House of Faith’. The palace was constructed at the start of the 19th century above the rocky spur that dominates a steep and abrupt valley.

Byblos or Jbayl

A must visit tourist spot in Lebanon where you can see ancient ruins and the amazing city port. Byblos is believed to be the world’s oldest dwelled city. The place is also the source of the original Phoenician letters that gave way to the development of our present-day alphabet.

Tripoli (Trablus)

This tourist spot in Lebanon is famous for the presence of the astounding Crusader Castle that is located at the northern side of the town. The place is also the home of many notable Islamic monuments that will truly interest you.

Qadisha Valley

This tourist spot in Lebanon is perfect for tourists who are nature lovers and appreciative. The Qadisha Gorge offers a very beautiful panoramic of the country of Lebanon. This valley is among the most beautiful and the deepest valleys within the country.


This tourist spot in Lebanon is the place of birth of the popular Lebanese poet, Gibran Khalil Gibran. The place is situated about 1,400 meters above sea level and has a superior location overlooking the popular cedars of Lebanon and the Qadisha Valley.

The Cedars

This is a beautiful tourist spot in Lebanon that tourists can visit anytime of the year. The Cedars resort is popular famed due to its wonderful cross-country and downhill skiing. These cedars are the ones mentioned in the Bible as ‘cedars of Lebanon’.


This tourist spot in Lebanon is the best well-preserved and biggest remains of Roman architecture. Baalbeck is among the greatest historical locations of the world since it is the largest conglomerate of Roman temples ever constructed in this world. Be amazed by its towering columns and gigantic stones.