Tourist Spots in Libya

The tourist spots in Libya offer the visitor glimpses into the country’s colorful past. A lot of the landmarks are remnants from the Greek and Roman periods.


This Roman city is 40 miles west of Tripoli. Although ravaged by an earthquake, artifacts remain. A 3rd century theater, temples to Isis and basilicas can still be seen. There is also a museum nearby where other relics are stored.

Leptis Magna

The relics in this Roman city are among the most well preserved in history. Established in the 10th century BC, the biggest attraction here is the theater.

The Hadrianic Baths also draw in the tourists, as does the circus. Another popular tourist spot in Libya is the Leptis Magna Museum of Leptis Magna where priceless artifacts in the site are stored.

Gurgi Mosque

The Gurgi Mosque is one of the focal points in old Tripoli. Created in 1834, it is one of several ancient buildings in the area. Not far from it is the equally famous Roman Arch of Marcus Aurelius.


This Greek city was founded in 630 BC. A 7th century BC temple of Apollo is in there. Temples for other Greek deities also remain, including those for Demeter and for Zeus. A burial ground and the Cyrene Museum are also in the vicinity.

Red Castle

The Red Castle is situated at the northern promontory in Tripoli (which used to have a sea view). The complex covers 13,000 sq meters (140,000 sq ft). It is one of the most popular tourist spots in Libya because of its varied architecture. The Spaniards, Turks, Italians and others all left there architectural mark there.


The capital of Libya is at the western end near Tunisia. The major attraction for tourists here is the walled medina where ancient structures remain. There are also mosques in the city. Common sights in Tripoli are green parks which are scattered about.

Jamahiriya Museum

Within the building are statues, figures and other ancient artifacts. It is divided into four parts, the prehistory, the natural history of Libya, ancient Libyan tribes and the traditions from the Libyan, Greco-Roman and Byzantine times.

Sahara Desert

Encompassing more than 90% of the land, the Sahara Desert is quite literally one of the biggest tourist spots in Libya. The view in the desert is not just breathtaking but also offers the tourist a look at the life and culture of the people living there.


The oases in Libya are among the most distinguishable landmarks in the desert. Some are surrounded by bodies of water and others by dunes. The most popular ones are the Wadi Elhayat, Kufra, Jufra and
Ghat oases.

The Akakus Mountains

The most famous are the Akakus Mountains in the southwest. There are caverns in the area as well as numerous multi-colored rocks. The combination of these has made it a popular haunt for tourists.

The tourist spots in Libya are one of the most promising sectors in the country’s economy. Proof of this is the ever growing demand for hotels in the city of Tripoli.