Tourist Spots in Liechtenstein

One of the German speaking countries, the Principal of Liechtenstein is bordered in the south and west by Switzerland as well as in the east by Austria. As one of the members of the European Union, many travelers from the EU countries spend some time in Liechtenstein. To enjoy travelers’ visit to the country, they must look at the top 10 tourist spots in Liechtenstein.

State Art Gallery

The State Art Gallery is found inside the Englishmen’s Building in Vaduz. The first level of the gallery features temporary art exhibitions. The second level displays permanent collections including the exhibition entitled From Breugel to Rubens.

Tourotel Gaflei

Tourotel Gaflei near Vaduz provides an exciting hiking trail to travelers. The site also offers a relaxing view of the Alpine meadows. The highest peak in the place is the Drei Schwestern, which has a height of 6,969 feet.

Gutenberg Castle

One of the historic estates in the country, the Gutenberg Castle in Balzers has a height of 1,562 feet. The place features two chapels, namely the Saint Peter Chapel and the Mariahilf Church. In addition, it has a museum that displays artworks and artifacts.


The Wildschloss in Vaduz is an ancient tower. Tourists can only see the ruins of the tower. The height of the site is 2,756 feet. It is near to restaurants, lodges as well as souvenir shops.


Found at the northern part of Schaan, Nendlen is a little town that features several interesting sites. The main tourist destinations in the place are the Holy Cross Chapel and a prebend house. In addition, travelers can see the Rotenberg, a place where early people execute criminals.


Triesenberg is a small village at the Samina Valley. The village features resorts and other relaxation spots like spas. The village has a museum and places to hold sports activities. Skiing is a popular activity in the place.


One of the religious sites in Liechtenstein, Triesen is found at the southern part of Vaduz. The village features old houses as well as chapels. Climbing, hiking and trekking can be done at the Rappenstein, Lavena and Falkins Hills.


Another historic village that many tourists visit is Gamprin-Bendern. The place is visited by foreigners for the famous Eschnerbeg History Trail. One of the attractions in the village is the ruins of Neu-Schellenbergh Castle.

Sareiser Joch

Local tourists and foreigners who want to hike and trek should go to Sareiser Joch. The length of the chairlift that connects Maldun to Sareiser Joch is 2,789 feet. From this site, tourists can climb the Schonberg within 2.5 hours.


One of the natural wonders in the country is the natural terrace called Planken. The site provides relaxing and beautiful views of the Swiss Alps and the Rhine Valley. Tourists can enjoy climbing and hiking at the base of the terrace.

These are just few of the attractive spots in the Principal of Liechtenstein. To increase one’s understanding on the culture and history of the country, people should see the other tourist destinations including the Post Museum and Ruggell.