Tourist Spots in Lithuania

Some great adventures await the tourists braving a trip to Lithuania that will show off the beauty and uniqueness of this fantastic country. Here are the top ten places to visit when here.


As the capital city of the country, this place is also among the main tourist spots in Lithuania. There are many interesting places to occupy your day here like Gediminas Castle, Lithuanian National Museum, Three Crosses Hill, The Center of Europe, Old Arsenal Building, and many more.


The place is a popular tourist spot in Lithuania and is recognized for the presence of traditional health resorts that dates back to 200 years ago. This famous city has a very comfortable environment and wonderful weather conditions.


A tourist spot in Lithuania where tourists are excited to come over due to the presence of various beautiful attractions. Go over to the old town, the wonderful Jokubas Church, the Jonava Culture Center, and the famous Banga nightclub.


Tourists are always attracted to this beautiful tourist spot in Lithuania. The famous destinations in the city are Kaunas Castle, Lithuania Zoo Park, Devil’s Museum, Laisves Aleja, and many more. Shopping is also an ideal activity to do within the city.

Sea Museum

A tourist spot in Lithuania that is perfect for tourists of all age group. The museum has a wonderful dolphinarium and amazing exotic fish aquariums. Located within the Curonian peninsula inside the ancient but restored Kopgalis Fortress.

Hill of Crosses

A major tourist spot in Lithuania that is truly breathtaking. It is a countryside hill that is filled with innumerable crucifixes and crosses of various kinds. This hill is one of the sacred sites for the Catholic religion within Northern Europe.


A fabulous tourist spot in Lithuania that is snuggled between a number of lakes. The view of the place is actually a little village on water and it is a must see destination of the country. The surroundings of the town is great for exploring and the countryside is ideal for various activities like swimming, horseback riding, yachting, diving, and boating.


A charming tourist spot in Lithuania that offers a very irresistible view of nature. Archaeological discoveries are prevalent here dating back to the Middle Ages. There are also four mounds here that are mysterious. On the summer months, you can attend the various festivals and celebrations of the townspeople.

Centre of Europe

This tourist spot in Lithuania identifies that the geographical center of Europe is located about 26 kilometers north of the city of Vilnius. The location has a column of white granite with a crown of 12 stars at the tip of the column. There is also a tourism information center at the area where each visitor is presented a certificate certifying the he has been to this significant site.

Siaurukas Narrow-Gauge Railway

Established in 1899, the railway was used during the period of wooden carriages and black engines. Now the trains are used for tourism purposes. This tourist spot in Lithuania is the target for national cultural heritage.