Tourist Spots in Macedonia

This list of top ten tourist spots in Macedonia will surprise and shock many world travelers and may make you re-think your next vacation plans.

Kale Fortress

This tourist spot in Macedonia is standing proudly on the highest hill in the valley of Skopje. Going there will give tourists a magnificent panoramic view of the city below. The fortress is 121 meters in length and was constructed based on opus qvadrum style.

Stone Bridge

This tourist spot in Macedonia was built during the reign of Emperor Justinian of the Byzantine. From that time on, the stone bridge has become the icon of Skopje. The bridge has a length of 214 meters and composed of 13 arches. As you walk right through the bridge, carefully notice the big stone blocks that dates back to the sixth century.


This tourist spot in Macedonia is the jewel of the country due to its historical significance and astounding beauty of nature. You will see here the beautiful Lake Ohrid and several ancient structures like monasteries, churches, basilicas, and walled fortress. The entire town is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


An old town in Macedonia that still showcases its significant marks in this modern world. In this tourist spot in Macedonia, walking is the ideal method to get around the city since one tourist site is sitting right next to another tourist site. Explore the old bazaar, city square, Shirok Sokak Street, city park, and the old city of Heraklea.


This tourist spot in Macedonia is a museum-city that is strategically located up the mountains in the southwestern portion of the country. The city is of historical significance since this is where the uprising toward the Ottoman Empire occurred. The city is also a perfect destination for skiing.


A Macedonian city that was nicknamed as ‘The city under Marko’s towers’. Travel around this interesting tourist spot in Macedonia and explore the medieval monasteries, tobacco fields, and strange rocks. This place is among the untouched regions of the country.


A little village along Lake Ohrid, this tourist spot in Macedonia is a place of calm and peace. Take a walk to the cave churches, cave monastery, and Kalishta village. A wonderful place to just relax the day away sipping a cup of coffee alongside the river.


This Macedonian town has been in existence for several milleniums. This tourist spot in Macedonia is filled with lots of archaeological locations. A nice city to travel to with nicer people who are willing to assist tourists of their needs.


A tourist spot in Macedonia that is famous for its extraordinary combination of Macedonian and Serbian culture. The people in this town are fun-loving and feisty. You will see here lots of interesting places like pre-modern settlements and churches.

Pelister National Park

This tourist spot in Macedonia is the first national park of the country that was founded in 1948. The park is famous for its beautiful flora and fauna, two magnificent mountain lakes, and diverse climate. Skiing is also an ideal outdoor activity within the park.